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I just chipped my tooth..........

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I'm so annoyed! I got a root canal done 3 years ago and today I managed to completely loosen the only bit of 'real' tooth left in it! I was only at the dentist 2 weeks ago for a check up and now I have to do my least favourite thing in the world twice in one month! It's my own fault for not resisting the toffees someone brought in to work .

I can't get an appointment with the only guy I trust until next week (I have had a couple of bad experiences with dentists in the past) and I'm trying to decide whether to put up with the discomfort for a week or risk going to someone else (I really don't want to ). I'm fed up!!
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Losing a part of your tooth isn't fun!
Good Luck with everything at the dentist
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Oh my gosh! Chipping a tooth really hurts! I can think of too opions for the pain other than going to another dentist or popping pills.

One you can buy some oral-gel, it numbs anything in your mouth and will numb the nerves that are now exposed.

Two you could get some wax to put over your tooth. When I had braces they gave out wax to help stop the rubbing. It would cover the nerves and help with the pain. You could probably just ask your dentist for some wax considering you have to wait so long to see him.
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^Might be able to get the wax at a drug store.

If you're not in too much discomfort, then wait. You trust your current dentist, hopefully both his/her skills and their manner towards patients. Don't risk getting an incompetent one...
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