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Out Doors Litter Box?

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I have just a quick question. We recently installed the purrfect fence! Coolest thing ever! While we were waiting for the fence to arrive and then putting up the fence the cats stayed indoors and to my surprise used the litter box after being outdoor cats their whole lives! My question is now that they are use to the litter box and have been using it for the past 2 weeks should I rig the one up outside instead of them going all over the yard? If so what do you think would be the best way to go? A covered box - because it is not sheltered from the weather or would it matter?

Thank you!
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It's really up to you, but they might not use the litterbox once they're outside again...

My cat Sylvie will actually come inside the house to use the litterbox, and then go back outside..
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You can try one outside. But I'd either use a covered pan or protect the pan from getting rain on it. Otherwise they will probably go back to using the dirt.
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Best way to make an outdoor cat toilet is to dig a shallow (a few inches deep) pit and fill it with sand - the type that you can get to make kid's sandpits. Plant some non-toxic foliage plants around it to screen it providing privacy and low-level cover for the cat. You can then rake out the solid waste and dispose of it as you would normally. Basically with most cats if you use anything except sand for an outdoor toilet, you will find that they would rather go in a well dug flower border!
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Great - thanks everyone! I'll try it out! - ahutchinson
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My backyard is catfenced as well, and we have a pet flap so the dogs and cats can come and go at will. I have an outside box on the back porch, and a Litter Robot in the house. My cats use both boxes as well as the lawn. If it's cold and rainy, they prefer the indoor box. So, as you can see, cats are very adaptable and seem to like variety as well.

Good luck!
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