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Misses his Mamma-nursing on other kitten

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Cumulous misses his Mamma.

He is trying to nurse off of Pumpkin. I could not figure out what was making her fur all wet until I caught him trying to suck her leg off.

My SIL ( who we got Cumulous off of) says Mamma cat is kicking off the other babies now when they try to nurse with her back legs. I had asked her to take Cumulous back for a bit and this is what she told me.

SO what do I do to fill his need to suck? I feel so badly for him.
Can I make a kitten pacifier?

He is gaining /eating well so that is not an issue.
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I wouldnt worry about it unless they start sucking on their private parts. That can cause damage. My white babies all suck on the back of Jersey's ears. Aparently they are the best pacifier ever!
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I think he will just grow out of it eventualy. I had two kittens I rescued at about 4 or 5 weeks and one of them would suck the back of Mikeys ear all the time. She grew out of it in about a month.
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It is a comfort thing. When Scooter is afraid or ditressed, (he is terrified of storms,) he sucks his paw and cries. It would be cute if he weren't so distressed when he does it. He does not do it nearly as much as he did when he was younger.
When he was a tiny boy, before Fred passed away, he would try to nurse on Fred. Poor Fred had the redbelly from it, but he never made him stop.
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I try to give them my little finger when I have time to sit down. Of course, I often sleep with my babies next to my pillow and that seems to give them lots of comfort; I'm a very light sleeper, though, since I don't have a good watchdog to protect my chickens.
As for the mom rejecting the kittens, she may be developing a breast infection - I got my latest batch of kittens when a momma kitty disappeared for a couple of days and the kits went out into the street mewing. The mamma cat was reunited with them, but she kept hissing at them so I took her right away to get spayed and the vet found signs of a breast infection - the babies are doing well, very tame, and so is she - she's decided that she likes living in my bedroom very much
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Just watch for their private parts... I had a kitten suckling on the other one private part (male...) and this little one developped a severe infection.
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the one 6 month old i have, when i first got her, she would try to nurse off my dog. she eventually grew out of it tho.
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thanks everyone for replying..I guess this too shall pass..
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