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Hair today gone tomorrow

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What do you do with cat hair which seems to get every were?

I have four cats which live in my house. They like to sit on my lap and I stroke them. When they jump of my lap there is cat hair all over my clothes. I go outside to shake most of it off but some still stays.

Sometimes I use lint roller (ones with sticky paper on them) if the clothes are clean, other times I just shake of the excess hair from the offending article of clothing and then just put them into the wash.

Washing Machine
When I wash my clothes I still have cat hair all over them; the hair gets into the other clothes in the wash like my socks, underpants, jumpers, t-shirts, work clothes and everything else!!!!! (where i have too maintain high level of personal hygiene i.e. no cat hair on clothes aloud)

Sometimes I rinse my clothes again, which I have sometimes done 3-4 times, on the same article of clothing but to no such luck.

Today I have a full washing line of clean clothes but all with cat hair over them. Its driving me insane. What can I do?

Lint rollers
I have used lint rollers before but with the sheer volume of clothes and time involved I dont have hours to spend using the rollers only for the cats to then spread hair everywhere 5 minutes later!!!

Flea comb
I am using a flea comb at the moment to try and reduce the flea population in my house which seems to double up as a cat comb but I am still facing the same problem of hair everywere.

I was wondering if the cats are moulting because it is coming into winter time but I am getting the cat hair problem all year round now.

Vacuum cleaner
I have also got a Bosch Pro Pets Vacuum cleaner with a power head on it to suck up cat hairs well. The vacuum cleaner was also highly rated in an independant magazine so it is not some cheap and nasty affair which is not suitable for the job.

Further info:
The main problem cats seem to be the ones with white fur coat and another one with ginger fur coat.

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I just live with it.

I figure, it's an extra layer for winter weather.

However, and this is in all seriousness: Try using a Furminator grooming tool on each of them AT LEAST once a week.

It takes off SO much dead, loose fur, that they seems to shed a LOT less, and there is definitely less fur around the house for me to have to pick up.
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Hair and cats go hand in hand. Especially when you have more then 1 or 2. They do go through a molting cycle. Mine do in the spring and in the fall. Combing the cats regularly will help. The furminator works particularly well for getting out loose hair. Combing the cats well and then bathing them helps a lot. Especially when you blow dry and comb after the bath too. Other then that it's just a matter of vacuuming daily and providing them with beds/mats to curl up on rather then your furniture and clothes.
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i was having horrendous problems with hair everywhere so i stepped up the amount that i brush murphy... usually every other day or two. i don't use a furminator because i don't want the underneath hair to get cut but i know for many, it's a great solution. i find that frequent brushing does the trick though... at least it helps.

the other thing is getting the inevitable hair that winds up on your furniture, sheets, clothes, etc OFF! for that, i definitely have the answer!

after going through ridiculous amounts of sticky lint roller sheets with mediocre results at best, a friend told me about the gonzo sponge. she's severely allergic to cat hair and tells all her cat mommy friends about it so she can tolerate being in their house! lol... here are two links on it: (2nd item on the page ~ the gonzo pet lifter)

this thing is miraculous! even after i vacuum, i go over my sofa with the gonzo and the remaining hair comes right up. especially the stuff you can't see. you use it dry so it's safe for any fabric. i especially love it for bedding...i keep one in the nightstand!

it used to be so embarrassing when people would come over and anyone who was wearing black would have murphy all over them as a parting reminder of their visit. ugh! not anymore though.

(ps, no i don't work for gonzo! i would happily give an infomercial for free though. it's just that awesome!!!!)

good luck!
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Originally Posted by leesestyle View Post
i don't use a furminator because i don't want the underneath hair to get cut but i know for many, it's a great solution. i find that frequent brushing does the trick though... at least it helps.
Again, The Furminator does not cut. It gently pulls the loose undercoat out. It is not a brush and is not advertised as such. It is a De Shedding tool.

Brushing alone really does not get out much dead hair at all and eventually it catches up to folks.
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I have one cat and lately I feel like we're covered in his hair here... The one that caught my eye is the laundry... I do my laundry at my parents' house and my father and brother are both allergic to cats and they never seem to have a problem with cat hair getting into the washing machine, and they'd have a reaction and I'd never hear the end of it if it caused a problem... I do all my cat hair covered items alone (blankets and such) and with an extra rinse... and I try to get a lot of the hair off before I bring it there with a lint sticky or by shaking it out outside... I bought the bigger lint sticky thing on a pole made by scotch brite I think, it picks up a bit more than the little ones, though I go through a couple at a time... Try not to wash anything with a ton of hair on it because all the hair will do is get wet and stick to everything else...

I walk out of the house every morning in my nice black pants for work with hair all over me, and it feels like no matter what I do I never get 100% off... it's just the joys of having a furry roommate...
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I have four cats of which all are indoor cats.

I have a really hectic lifestyle at the moment and I dont have much spare time in the days.

Despite this my cats insist on depositing all the dead hair around my house. I have cat hair all over the floors, carpets, computer keyboard, the clothes I am wearing and the clean clothes I have tried to get the hair off from but to no such luck.

I am fed up with all the hair everywere and it just seems like a full time job having to brush the cats, using sticky tape all the time to clear up the cat hair mess.

I have a load of clean clothes but after one day in the house there is cathair all over them. I dont have the time or the motivation to keep the cat hair issue under control. What can I do?

Is there any sorts of clothes which repell cat hairs?
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When you have cats, cat hair is a given. I have 2 long haired cats and have to vacuum twice a week at least, dust with a swiffer duster and vacuum my furniture once a week. It also helps to keep the cats combed out. Bathing the cats also helps but that isn't an easy option for some folks. The only problem I have is with black or navy clothes. (Unless I don't put my clothes away.) I also have a busy lifestyle with a full time job, a grand baby I help care for, classes and just life in general. But I just have to make time to do those things. I find it doesn't take long once you get into the routine. Other then that I'm not sure what to tell you. It all just comes with the territory!
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What are you feeding your cats? I know that sometimes feeding very high quality food will cut down on shedding in the cats.

Have you tried the zoom groom or furminator on the cats? Those brushes (especially the furminator, but also the zoom groom) are much better than normal brushes at getting dead hair from the cats so that's less hair that's shedding on your stuff.

A really good vacuum cleaner will also help. A middle of the range one is ok but not nearly as effective as for example the designed for pet owners dysons.
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I have a cat with longer hair and a dense undercoat. I feed a premium food and do regular combings and that helped but the thing that seemed to really cut down on the shedding was monthly baths. I did a search on this forum for bathing cats and found out the best way to do it and good shampoo to use. It's not her favorite thing to do but she tolerates it well even the first time and it really doesn't take very long. An added bonus she is so soft and smells so good after a bath.
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i have been grooming the cats which seems to have done the trick. I just need to get into a weekly or daily routine now.

since grooming the cat it now has started acting funny though when you touch a little area on its chest. there is a sticky patch there too. whats happened? Nightmare.
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Originally Posted by Raveboy View Post
i have been grooming the cats which seems to have done the trick. I just need to get into a weekly or daily routine now.

since grooming the cat it now has started acting funny though when you touch a little area on its chest. there is a sticky patch there too. whats happened? Nightmare.
Sounds like you're on the right track! Not sure about the sitcky patch though. Is it sticky or more like oily? I had a cat that was pretty oily on his chest and belly. I had to rub him down with goop handcleaner and then wash him with dawn dishwashing liquid and he'd stay a lot less oily for 1-2 months then.
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I have a Sphynx. Good luck with the others suggestions. My dogs have hair and shed sometimes, it is just a part of life to a point, brushing and bath time helps, along with a high quality diet, we don't have much shedding.

What do you feed? I find this to be very important with shedding and overall coat health.
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Furminator!! it's the greatest tool! the cats like it too,, my cat will start purring whenever i use it
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