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I don't think this is good... need opinions on another cat of mine

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Little Guy seems to have a problem with his pupils. His left one is smaller than his right one. I'm an EMT and know when this is present in us humans, it's almost always a head trauma of some sort.

He seems fine other than that. He visits every morning to see me off to work and then goes back into his hiding spots during the day. He's purring when I pet him, he licks on occassion too. Once a week or so you'll see him during the evening but it's rare. His behavior hasn't changed in that sense.

I took his picture for the welcome thread and his eyes appeared to be fine then. It's hard to tell with the blown up picture.

Anyone have a clue as to what could be wrong? Or vet is away till Tuesday when I have an appointment for our other cat because of his hair loss. Do you think this is something that can wait until Tuesday or should I seek help now?
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Has his eye always been like this, or is this a new thing? I'm not a vet, but I would think if it's been like that for a while and he is acting normally (for him), it could wait until Tuesday. I know that there is at least one celebrity who has different sized pupils, the result of an eye injury and not a head injury. I would assume that this is possible in cats, too. However, since you are concerned, I'd call an emergency vet and talk to someone there.
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This is a new thing. He appeared fine Tuesday morning when I took his pic.

I've made an appointment for tomorrow morning at a vet that one of my co-workers recommended. She says they are good with cats (as the vets in NJ aren't strickly cat clinics ~ I wish we had one though) and should be able to help.

I'll keep everyone informed and any opinions are welcomed.
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I'm not able to keep up on posts like I normally do. The way I am reading this, Little Guy is a stray who lives outside? He could of fallen out of a tree and injured himself, or gotten into a cat fight. A vet visit is a wise idea, just to be totally safe. Hopefully it is nothing.Please let us know.
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Nope, he's an indoor cat for the 9 1/2 years he's been alive. Got him when he was a kitten in '93. He has hiding spots I can't figure out in the house.
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It is hard to tell in the photo, and I am sure you would have noticed something like this before. But, I just looked at the pics, and it sure looked as though they were different sizes to me. Thing is, when I went to your New Cats post, I thought it was T.C. that had the problem, and then saw Little Guy, and said to myself, that looks a lot more like what she was talking about.
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oops sorry Jaime, I need to keep up, but just can't right at the moment. I did go look at the photo but it is hard to tell off of one photo. I would go to the vet just to be safe and hopefully it will prove to be nothing at all. Please let us know though what the vet says.

The only time I have run across this was when one of my cats was on meds (sedation) the decreased flow of oxygen to her system caused one of her pupils to appear smaller than the other. Once she was off the meds she was fine.
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Horner's Syndrome

It appears my Little Guy has the idiopathic kind. He has vision out of each eye and was tested for Glockcoma (sp) too. The doc did the epinephrine test also and his eyes dialated in under 20 minutes. That is a good sign.

I've been given Baytril to treat for a possible ear infection which can cause Horner's Syndrome too. Mainly I have to monitor him over the next 2 to 3 months to see if it has gone away. If not, then he recommends CAT scan and MRI's to see if it could be a tumor.

On the entertaining side, it was like watching my family become the 3 Stooges trying to catch this cat. Finally got him out from behind the dryer, full of dust and in the carrier. This was after he escaped once. I was 45 minutes late but the vet was cool about it.

So I feel a little better and I know the cat won't acknowledge my existance for a while but it's ok.
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