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due date and kitten countdown on Stitch

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ok I have heard different pregnancy lengths some say as soon as 63 days.. Stitch got out on Aug 26. I see little movements in her belly and she seems to be out of sorts, starting yesterday. I was waiting to close off a few areas I dont want her to have her kittens (one being under my waterbed) cause if I did them too early she would find away to still get under with time (she is a rotter)
Checking to see if she is producing milk is out of the question , tho I know her nipples have no hair and are prominent, that is all I can tell as she hates anyone going near her belly. I have next monday as her due date, is that right?
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Figure 63-68 days on the average. I'd start confining her to one room with her nesting box so she's comfortable with things
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OMG if I confined her she would go ballistic she hates any door closed never mind if she is locked in anywhere. all i can do with her is to close up the areas I dont want her to go in ... like under the waterbed are they like humans and get a burst of energy b4 they go into labor??? because today she is going nots and running and play fighting with the other cats (like she did b4 she got pregnant)
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Well unless you want a kitten born under a chair or behind a sofa and another somewhere else, or mom getting into a space YOU can't get to if there is trouble, you'd better confine her to one room. If she's close to delivery date she really needs to be confined and not allowed to be running, playing, jumping or wrestling with any other cats!
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My kitty had a burst of energy too just last week (She is pregnant too) she had been sedate up untill then, and then lastnight I noticed movement, how long after movement do they give birth? A week? Two weeks? A couple of days?
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How many weeks in is she? By my calculation somewhere along the date of the 28th, as she's 58 days (i believe) in and she'll probably give birth, at a minimum, of 61 days (any less and I'd be concerned, as unlike humans, a few days in cat world could mean a month in human days) to about 68. So expect between the 28th and 2nd of November. Maybe you'll have Halloween babies
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how is your momma kitty doing?? Is she nesting yet??
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well no kittens yet, tho I think something is up cause she woke me up in the nite to cuddle, she has chased the other cat out of the box I set up for her. I am worried tho that she will hold her kittens till I get home from work, cause I just started work and she is used to me being with her all day. but I am hoping to come home today to kittens
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she should have her babies in the next day or so she started leaking milk sometime lastnite :} yay
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ARE you keeping her confined to one room?
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yes now that I am home
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Usually sometime close to labor, she will start to meow. My cats have have done that just about every time. Good luck!
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so this is the end of the stitch watch when I got home lastnite her water had broken, and she was only distressed when she couldnt see me so me and hubby took turns with her all nite cuddling and rubbing her tummy. but as of now there arnt any babies yet.. grrr... she almost had one out{well could see a bag filled with fluid}when the alarm went off and the kids got up. I am hoping that after we all leave she will calm down and have them, tho she is going to be very upset when I leave for work. I will update when I get home. I cant post pics tho cause my account here doesnt let me. sorry for any typos I am very tired
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upload the pics to photobucket or similar free service. copy and paste the link in your post. easy peasy. Photobucket has the option of coping the link so that when pasted here and then viewed you see the pic and not the link
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when I got home from work she still didnt have any kittens so we took her to a vet, after he took x-rays we found out that 2 kittens were stuck in the birth canal and had to have an emergency c-section. I just got off of the phone one kitten we thought was dead, was and out of the remaining three there is only one left, the good news is that stitch made it through the sergery fine, and yes we got her spayed at the same time. I am really hoping that her last baby makes it.. ans I think loosing them all after she tried so hard to have them would be very hard on her. I will keep you up to date
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I'm glad she seems to be OK. When my stray had kittens, I was amazed to find out just how fragile kittens are and how difficult it is for cats to have kittens without complications. Hugs and vibes
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we lost the last one shortly after the post. Stitch is doing ok but is looking for her babies. the vet told me the reason we lost them all was that she had been pushing to long and hard and the placentas had started to come away the one kitten that lasted the longest was also very big, so that was another part of her problem and possibly what led to 2 kittens getting stuck atleast Stitch is doing wonderfuly
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. But I am glad to hear that Stitch is doing well.
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Sorry for the loss of both kittens, but glad mom Stitch is well and healing good. Here's some vibes for her
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I am sorry for the loss of your kittens. Glad mommy is doing well!!
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