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Should I get Junior a playmate?

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I'm not sure which forum this belongs in but this one seems to be the most relevant.

I've had Junior, an 8 mo tabby, for just over a month now. On a typical work day I'm gone 9-10 hours, leaving only a hour or so in the morning and 5-6 hours in the evening for Junior. I feed him morning and evening and play with him maybe 5-10 minutes every hour.

As you can see, Junior is by himself the majority of the time except on weekends so I've been thinking of getting him a playmate. If so, what age and gender should I be looking for to maximize the chance of them getting along? I'm sure Junior already considers my place his and any cat I bring home will be an intruder as far as he's concerned. Junior has never sprayed, failed to use the litterbox, scratched up furniture, etc. If I get another cat, will I start facing these issues (as a result of the interaction or dominance between the cats, not the other cat doing these things on his own)?

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I think a 2nd kitty is a great idea I'd go for a kitten of similar age to Junior, or at least a young cat with a similar activity level. I dont' think the sex really matters as there's not much difference between males and females when neutered, although I do think that generally 2 males is the easiest combination when doing introductions. But personality is more important. At 8 months old, I think Junior will have few problems accepting a newbie although there will be the usually hissing etc at first and you'll need to do introductions slowly.
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I'd adopt another neutered male in similar personality - maybe 4-6 months old. They would both benefit and it would take less time for introductions.
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That wouldn't work for me. Zane hates other cats, hates them. It'd be like the Cats of Kilkenney.
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