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2 and half month kitten, how much food?

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hey, I'm new
I have a 2 and half months cat and I'm currently feeding her with 1 85 grams (3 oz) and roughly the same amount of dry food per day, both divided in 2 meals

is this too much? less?

she plays, runs and jumps all day (when she doesn't sleep) so I think it's ok, or at least enough...
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A 2 month old kitten should have good quality kitten food available at all times. Dry that is. Wet can also be offered at different times throughout the day.
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Up to age 4-5 months you can free feed kittens. After that start scheduled meals and a certain amount.
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thanks for the answers

she always has some dry food to eat, I am just concerned if just an 85 grams can is enough

but considering she doesn't eat all the dry I think it's ok, otherwise she'd at least eat all the dry right?

moreover, I have always feeded my previous cats also with milk, but now some friends, and also the girl at the pet shop, told me that milk isn't good for them, specially during the first months so I'm going with just water...is this ok?
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Yes, just water is best. Most cats are lactose intolerant.

Enjoy your kitten!

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Milk is bad for nearly all animals especially cow milk. Most animals are lactose intollerant and have trouble digesting the fats in cow milk. Even young animals should not have cow milk but a proper milk replacer or substitute. Some animals won't show noticeable symptoms from a bowl of milk and other animals can end up with severe diarhea or vomiting to the point their life is in danger. Even if you don't notice a problem it's best to just avoid it.

I've found the amount my cats eat and need to eat varies greatly depending on the individual. 3 cats of similar size eat extremely different amounts. Carmel will barely eat 1/4th of a 3oz can at a meal and then eat a little dry and she's gained tons of weight in the past few months. Which isn't bad because she was a skinny rather sickly looking thing. Greta eats about the same but slightly more dry and maintains her weight. Kalona inhales 3-5oz of wet (depends what size cans I have around) and then at least 1/4th cup of dry and has on occasion eaten an entire cup that I put out for everyone. She maintains her weight and is almost too skinny. The new kitten at around 13weeks old inhales as much food as I'll put down and empties both bowls of dry by morning and she's slightly skinny. My sister's kittens at around 4months have to be limited to a 3oz can a day each, she usually splits a can in the morning and again in the evening, and then a half cup of dry because they were turning into fat blobs.

Your best off just paying attention to your own cat's weight, ask a vet if you don't know what's best, and then feeding them accordingly.
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Most kittens shouldn't require milk after weaning - especially cow's milk. Charlie sometimes gets a little ice cream or pudding (vanilla) but he's ok with the milk.

I used to give my one cat 1/2 and 1/2 (those little containers you get in the restaurant) for a treat. He could drink milk as an adult. I've had others that would refuse milk or got sick if they had milk/ice cream.
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I would feed her 85g x 2, morning and night.

You can buy pet milk or humans lactose free milk if you'd like to give a treat, though it is not necessary.

I don't free feed my kittens dry, they only get a little dry overnight (1/4-1/3 cup for 3 cats)
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