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Daily Thread Monday Oct 22

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Morning everyone

I am eating mini mini mini mini wheats, "Strawberry flave"!

Not much going on today...still don't have my car. Hopefully I find out about how much $$ it will be today.

I hope you all have a good one!

Oh, and its supposed to be 25 degrees and sunny here today...it will break a record!! I can't wait!
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Oh you lucky thing! I wish it was 25C and sunny here! I've been working outside in about 5C, to sweep the same yard that I swept on Friday! How many leaves can there be on one tree?!

Had our engagement party yesterday - yay! - and we're going ring shopping at the end of the month.

Had my little boy all weekend, all to myself, and it was WONDERFUL!! I've missed him SO much! He's a sweetheart..... now he knows he's going to have a step-dad, and he wants to be our "little Frodo" (the ringbearerer!)

All in all, a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to a good week.

Hope you're all well out there! :wave:
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Well i'm not sleeping tonight. Last straw from neighbours from hell. They ripped through our garbage bags on the nature strip, it's hard rubbish week (only happens a few times a year, so we've got wood/metal/kitchen stuff etc). Ive seen those bags alot today and they were all tied up. It's pitch black and almost 9:30 and they decided to go rummaging through, making a huge mess onto the road, as we put our stuff out later than everyone else, for this very reason, we KNEW they'd scavenge our pile! Parents went over and talked to the mum, she apologised and said she'd send them back to clean up (they zoomed off on their little low riding bikes when they got yelled at). Mum was too angry and said she'd do it herself because this new stranger was arguing with her. New guy at the house apparently staying from interstate saying the bags were already ripped, and he won't clean up something that someone else did.

They are all LIARS. My father was steaming mad, was ready to provoke them and call the police. We're still trying to get through to the housing commission. If the police are sent there they will know we called, and they will come over and do something stupid and violent. I was in a skirt and tee, ready to go to bed, now i'm all dressed in my jeans, warm jumper, shoes, pocket knife in the back pocket. I was shaking like mad earlier. Dad wouldn't even listen to mum and she was trying to calm him down. He's in the house now, didn't do anything. I barely spoke two words two him and he's told me to shut up, and when i poked my head out of the door to see what was happening, he gave me an evil glare and yelled 'what?', severely pd off and taking it out on me.

15 months we've never called the police or housing commission or confronted them. A billion times we've returned their balls, told them to (nicely) stop tresspassing on our property, stop trying to break our fence. etc, we've been really good about it. We haven't confronted them about the constant streaming verbal abuse between the mum, bf and kids day in and out and the loud music. We now have to wait 3 months till the move, and last through Christmas. Now worrying about whether they will attack us or not. As soon as my parents left the neighbours slammed the door and just started swearing and laughing their heads off. I don't trust them, this is really bad.

I'm sorry i have to rant. Obviousely if they come here we will call the police, but doing that if they're still behind their own doors means they will get violent and retaliate.

I don't know what to do I was going to make this into its own thread but i didn't want to annoy anyone We've had nothing but bad luck since we moved here. I had my breakdown and started councelling, mum got fired after 4 days into a job by an unstable boss, Jazzy got killed. I hate this place so much.
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ooo! You'll have a lovely warm walk today Natalie!

Whelp, I've got my list together of what I've got to do today. I'm calling the vet in regards to Beauty. Her illness doesn't seem to be getting better. Poor girl, she's got the same symptoms I get when I'm sick (coughing and difficulty breathing). I really hope I'm not posting about each of cats being sick over the next two weeks.

Then I'm heading out to a local shopping area and grabbing/filling out applications for some part time help. Maybe full time if its available. I made a list of stores I would be interested in getting a discount at!
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post

I'm sorry i have to rant. Obviousely if they come here we will call the police, but doing that if they're still behind their own doors means they will get violent and retaliate.
If they do, just call the police again. Your family has been reasonable for 15 months with them, and they're not a family that deals with reason.

At this point, no matter how much it disturbs the neighborhood, or they retaliate, you call the police. I'd say you're done being the nice neighbor with them. They don't respect you.
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