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New Step Forward for Myrtle

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I was napping earlier and when I woke up, Myrtle was lying asleep at my side - first time she's ever slept with me - she got SUCH a belly rub from me! What a sweetie she is

She still won't let me pick her up, although we have gotten as far as me cupping her under the ribs and lifting her forefeet off the ground...all four of her kittens (two with me, two with my Mom) are into being picked up now - Myrtle watches and I keep telling her how CONVENIENT it is to give belly rubs when I can pick a cat up...hope she gets the message eventually!
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That's so sweet and you must so proud of Myrtle. She's a brave girl.
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I love her name!!! Myrtle Myrtle Myrtle Yay Myrtle!!!

I'm employing the same tactic with my semi-ferals kittens Aphrodite and Apollo (in sig) I'm loving all over my other cats in front of them, hoping they'll get jealous and want some of that too
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congrats, that's a great step! my semi-feral Ira has been pouncing on our feet (under the covers) when we're in bed lately. it's good he's getting comfortable but not exactly as satisfying as waking up with the cat lying by your side!
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Thank you for all the kind words - it only took a year and a half! I have no idea if that's a normal amount of time or not, since Myrtle & crew are my first ferals, but it does seem like "only yesterday" I was wondering if I'd taken in Mrs. Invisible Cat, because I never even saw her!
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How wonderful to hear that Myrtle is finally coming around
Look forward to hearing more stories about her
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It is so gratifying when you make even the tiniest bit of progress, isn't it? I hope she makes progress every day so she will know she is loved. It is so great of you to take her in and be so patient with her. You are truly a kitty angel!
I am still thrilled Pearl lays in my lap or gives me kitty loves, and she is 7 years old. She came to me as an abused rescue at 5 months old.
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Awww, nice progress for you
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Myrtle is a good name! I love it too!

I'm glad Myrtle is getting so comfortable with you. I'm old and I remember when NO cat would allow belly rubs, so you have come a long way.

Cats give us the best most tender moments, don't they?
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