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over-enthusiatic kneader!

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my boyfriend's new kitten has a habit that is adorable, but getting a little annoying, and interferring with my sleep!

he obsessively kneads and nuzzles in my neck in bed. He really only does it to me, not my boyfriend. I think he likes my long hair - maybe it reminds him of his mom's furry belly.
He gets frantic when he does it! Keeps circling my head and switching sides. And his purr is like a motor in my ear!

He'll do it even if there's kibble in the bowl, so I don't think it's about food.

I try to pet him to get him to settle down, but it doesn't work.
It's definitely tied to affection because he does it more intensely if I haven't spent the night with him and my boyfriend in a few nights.
It must be confusing for him that mommy and daddy don't live together!

Is there anything I can do to get him to relax and tone down the kneading?

(we don't want to kick him out of the room at night, because we like sleeping with our kitties...)
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Kneading is very normal and cats do it on and off throughout their whole lives. They like it I guess. To make them stop, I gently put my hand over their kneading paws. It's like telling them "that's enough for now". Then remove your hand once the kneading ceases. It is not a permanent solution but at least you will not be bothered for the rest of the night.
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He is showing his love for you. Usually, the cat will have a very special, loving expression on his face; he may be purring, and he may even be drooling slightly. Your cat is back in touch with his instincts as a kitten when he does this, and feeling the same sense of comfort and warmth that he did as a kitten when he was with his mother. Young kittens knead their mother's nipples to stimulate the "let down" reflex in her so that her milk flows for the kittens to suckle. If his kneading behavior is uncomfortable for you, be sure to keep your cat's nails clipped short, and maybe keep an extra towel around to pad the area he is kneading! Our Milo like a lot of other cats still does it now and then, we dont clip his nails as he is outside a lot which helps them.
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Does he do it if you put your hair in a pony tail or braid?
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