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Inappropriate Smilies Redux (a la Cat)

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The original Inappropriate Smilies thread is now 30 pages long and, if you are obsessive like me, you read from the top...and in this case, drop from exhaustion before hitting the bottom. But I noticed all the smilies there (almost all VERY funny) were from the People point of view. So I'm starting this thread to see if any of you folks would like to devote those zany senses of humor to inappropriate smilies from the CAT's point of view.

(In other words, I posted these in that other thread and nobody noticed WAAAAH! But I would like to see some more "Cat" ones, for true!)

You wish to eat from my bowl? Go right ahead!

Of course, I would never eat from YOUR bowl...

Oh wow, a NEW flea collar!

Nah, the box doesn't need cleaning yet, take your time.

Man, I hate you rubbing my belly like that...

Moi??? I would NEVER touch your tie-dye supplies!
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No, no go ahead walk up the stairs I won't grab your leg again really.

Of course I intended to get up now... I am way to graceful to have fallen or lost my balance.

Yay, you rolled the ball way over there again!
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Pill? Sure, I'll stand still.

You do know that the cat is the most emotionally stable housepet, don't you?

You and daddy are so much fun to live with

I've been asleep all day

I meant to do that
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this is a really cute idea, Carolyn!!

sure I'll try the new food you've brought home

I didn't see any crystal vase

catnip has no effect on me
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I really didn't touch the catnip

I swear, I won't touch the new goldfish
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
catnip has no effect on me
Actually, that's true for my Zane.
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These are great! Love "Yay, you rolled the ball..." - that's just how my cats reacts...and that's the PERFECT smiley for "Pill?" - best use yet for that smiley on "crystal vase", and for some reason, that one on "I really didn't touch the catnip" cracks me up bigtime!

For the many multi-cat households:

Ho-hum - another day, another breakfast...
............... ...............
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The vet? No problem!
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I don't mind when you leave me for a trip

Nope, I won't touch the kitty treat bag if you leave it out.

You can put the cat nip away...I don't mind.

Oh that new food is wonderful!
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No, I don't want a bite of your food!!

I never get any attention!!

Dog: Of course I love the cat!!

I never lick the butter dish on the counter!

No I didn't throw up on the fancy rug!
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