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Please, help needed for vomiting 4 week old kittens

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I'm at my wits end here and hoping that someone has advice that can help me save these kittens. Ok, first the rundown:

Just before my birthday a little over a month ago, I found an extremely emaciated feral cat who appeared to be pregnant. So naturally I took her home, fed her, and within a couple of hours she was looking much better and ended up having 3 kittens the following morning.

Initially everything was going well. One of my roommates had just moved out and I was able to use his old room for her. However, after about a week of nursing, the mother turned violent and made it all but impossible to feed her and check up on the kittens. Every time I would open the door, she would attack my legs, run past me, and then proceed to attack the rest of the animals in the house [I had 3 other cats at the time, my dog, and my friend's visiting chihuahua]. After consulting with shelters & a couple of vets, we decided to leave her on her own and just make sure she had a clean litter box and food every day, and would not attempt to enter the room unless all the other animals were put away, and my ankles were protected.

However, during the 3rd week, when I went in to feed her, she attacked and then escaped by literally tearing through my screen door. I chased her and tried to get her back to no avail. So I moved the kittens into my room and began nursing them with KMR and for a week everything seemed to be ok. 5 days ago, one of the male kittens began showing a loss of appetite and then starting vomiting the KMR, usually 10min after being fed. A day later, the female kitten starting showing the same symptoms. The ASPCA, The Humane Society, and nearly all the vets I spoke to & visited, told me there was nothing I could do. I eventually found a vet that would help me, and he has given them hydration shots under their skin twice on 2 consecutive days.

He also gave me medicine, but the issue still remains that they barely keep anything down, one kitten in particular who has lost the most weight and is the most dehydrated. I've made kitten glop, researched until my eyes were red, and I'm just out of ideas. While this whole ordeal has been going on, I lost my first cat Stripes, who I was extremely close to, because he swallowed a foreign object and was misdiagnosed by the Animal Emergency hospital. His major symptom was vomiting, so naturally I'm panicking beyond belief about this kittens.

So here I am because I have no idea what else to do. I've been feeding kitten glop and some wet food to the 2 healthier kittens, and although they sometimes vomit, it's never as frequently or as much as Rider, who is the smallest. And coincidently, Rider is almost a spitting image for my cat Stripes. Any advice or ideas on how I can reduce his nausea or vomiting would be appreciated. I've barely had any sleep because I'm too paranoid and fresh out of ideas.

Even just your thoughts and well wishes would mean a great deal. Thank you in advance from myself, Rider, Yogi, & Moo Moo who are all fighting to make it.
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I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. With their mother being a feral cat it could really be anything....birth defects, some sort of virus, or just maybe their eating to much at once. It sounds as though you're doing all you can, and sometimes that's all you can do. I can't offer much advice, but I will send super mega healing to Yogi, Moo Moo, and Rider and calming to you. I hope your vet can find out what's wrong!
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Thanks so much. It means a lot. Do you happen to know if NutriCal also hydrates?
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No, I don't believe it hydrates.
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Awww, how scary I have no idea about kittens but I'm sure alot of member will be along to help you.

Sending many vibes for the kitties
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ahoy fellow brooklynite! a friend of mine works for a cat rescue group and seems to have a knack with little kittens like yours. i will ask her if she knows what the problem could be or what the options are.
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I recently had a crash course in orphaned kitten care. The two I have are about 2 weeks old. I am not experienced, but I learned that letting them nurse a bottle of unflavored pedialyte helps with dehydration. Gerber brand is "Liquilytes". It might be worth a try? I hope they turn around and you can get some rest. My thoughts are with you.
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Hi everyone. I appreciate all the advice. Unfortunately, about an hour ago, the first born and only girl Moo Moo, passed away. She did so silently on my bed while cuddling with her brother Rider. I noticed that the night before, she seemed to prefer stretching out as opposed to her usual sleeping position. At the time, I wasn't sure why and couldn't find any information online to explain why, but now I wonder if that was an indication of some sort of problem or discomfort in her belly. Perhaps someone here knows..?

As for the other two kittens, Rider has made it through the night and appears to be getting his appetite back slowly but surely, and has even kept the last couple feedings of kitty glop down. The other kitten Yogi, is still being finicky about eating, but has been keeping fluids down for the past couple of hours.

Skimble- I appreciate the info on feeding them pure pedialyte for hydration. Do you happen to have any good tips on getting kittens to have a bowel movement? Yogi is quite constipated, but nothing I've been doing has worked so far.

JimmyLegs- Thank you for contacting your friend for me. I'd love to have her come over if she lives close to me, or I could just go to her or call.
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are they going to the toliet ok? im so sorry for the loss of moo moo.
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Yogi, who was the really constipated one had a bowel movement about 45min ago which is good. Rider has peed, but no bowel movement as yet. If he doesn't go tonight, I will probably give him aa few drops of mineral oil during his next feeding. Unless you all think canned pumpkin is better.

Thank you for your condolences Tasha. She was such a gorgeous kitten.
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Condolences on your sad losses of Moo-Moo and Stripes - wow, so much all at once - the two crossing RB countered by Rider and Yogi making progress.
When my tiny ones are having difficulties, my vet has had me switch them to first chicken broth & pedialyte blend, NO, I repeat NO KMR, then if diarrhea is a problem (which it isn't for you) add some rice and boiled chicken, just a bit mushed in at a time. Add the chicken gradually, just like the diet for vomiting/diarrheaic children. If your boys are not having BMs, it could be they are still young; at any rate, I would definitely try the broth/pedialyte to make sure they are rehydrating. Please keep us updated Susan
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I'm so sorry you lost little Moo Moo. Rest in peace over the rainbow bridge little angel!
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sorry about the kitten, but keep up the good work with the others! i sent you a PM with my email address, let me know what part of town you're in, my friend lives in east williamsburg/bushwick and i'm in bushwick further south. i gave my friend the rundown and she had this to say (some of this has been covered):

put a little sugar/glucose/maple syrup, just a drop, on the tongues. Just
a drop. but it keeps the blood sugar up.

Pedialyte, orally, thru a syringe feeder thing, which is better than plain
water, too.

umm...what else. yeah, just the hydrated part, the sub-cu fluids will
probably help. OH! baby food, too - chicken, just the plain chicken kind,
with just chicken and water, nothing more fancy b/c it will prob. have
onion powder which is toxic to cats. because that will help solidify runny
stool, too, b/c chicken is a binder.

sounds like you're doing a lot of what she said so just keep it up! and email me if you think you need more help!
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