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Switching dry food

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Right now my cat is used to Iams dry food. I am feeding her the kitten formula (she's almost 7 months old) and she was fed the regular Iams dry food at the shelter. I've only had her for 2.5 weeks and she wasn't eating very much so I wanted to stick to what she was used to.

I want a healthier dry food for her and I've narrowed it down to a few choices that are pretty easy to find around here. How should I go about making the transition? 1/2 and 1/2 at first for a week and then only the new stuff or should it be a more gradual thing?

Should I be making a transition with wet food too or is that not as necessary?
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say she eats 1 cup dry

1/4 of new food for 3-5 days

then 1/2 cup new for same time

then 3/4 cup of new ...

adjust to meet cats taste and tummy
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This is what I did: My cat never ate wet food before so I gave her a very small amount 1x per day for about a week and experimented with flavors/brands. By the second week, she was crying for more and wet food meals were fed to her 2x per day. After three weeks (when her stools returned to normal), I then worked on changing her dry food from Purina One to Nutro Natural Choice. Take it easy and see how your cat is responding to the changes. I was able to switch her dry food in 10 days. Good luck.
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