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Deb25; We will never know for sure, but you have proposed a "very interesting" theory. Let us not forget that "Tricky" Dick Nixon used the double "V" quite often. . . . . Perhaps he and Pat were a "2 ADJUSTABLE BED" family. Strange goings on for the 3rd floor of the White House!
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We will never truly know if the Watergate break-in was nothing more than a search for some fresh batteries.
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HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You guys KILL me!!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

And Blue....the SHAVING thread??? How the heck did I miss THAT one!!! LOL.....must be a new one, or else my memory is failing me... (again)

To answer a couple of these questions....what I wish I were eating right now..... My favorite Chinese take-out...Cantonese pan fried noodles!!! MMMMMMMMMMM :tounge2:

And if I could go on a wild spending spree...(and actually have the money for it....) I would buy a treadmill, a dvd player, a digital camera, a CD burner, lots of clothes and an airplane ticket for 2 to some exotic location! (just for starts)
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Go first class!

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new question?

Question: what annoys you most about your 'signifigant other' or best-friend, or people in general?!


for me... hmm... probaly that he leaves socks all over the place, and uses all my hair products

along with my shower products!! then he denies it when the hairspray, or raspberry shower scrub stuff is empty

character wise though... :confused2 i think only that his initial instinct is to not
tell me the flat out truth, so it takes awhile for him to be honest, but he is working on it.
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Well, I'd have to say that the most annoying quality of my best friend is his lack of being able to admit that he has feelings like every other human being in the world. As far as little things go, it's the constant flipping of stations with the remote. I can now watch 58 programs at one time after years of practice.
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As far as character goes I don't like the fact that he cannot bear to admit that he can be weak, ignorant or wrong! It really drives me mad but we're both trying to improve on this.
Otherwise the thing that annoys me most is the way he leaves hair all over the bathroom urgh!
I'll leave this one open and ask another
What is the thing that can make you feel most helpless???

For me it's death or illness
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Hmmmm. The thing that makes me feel most helpless is when I am misunderstood or when I feel like I am not being heard.

Question In what way in your life do you really feel you've made a difference. It can be small or great. Just curious.
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I've made a difference to my fur face first and foremost of all - if I hadn't been there for him he would still be roaming the streets alone, hungry and unloved!
And I do believe that whenever I do something good it make a difference no matter if anyone realises this
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What makes me feel the most helpless is depression. And the question about in what way in my life do I feel I have really made a difference....I was getting ready to say I didn't feel like i had made much of a difference at all, until I read Billie's post...then i realized that if it weren't for me...some of my cats would have been put to sleep long ago...but I took them in off the streets, and the special love I have given them. I also took home a stray dog, from work, that noone wanted because he was scrawny and ugly. But I took him home, named him Scruffy, and to me he is beautiful!!! And in that way, I feel I have made a difference.
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Don't cut yourself short. You have definitely made a difference in my life and I have only been on this board for a short time. I am sure others on here will agree with me in thanking you for your insiteful words of wisdom that inspire us all! Thanks to YOU for making a difference in the lives of your kitties but in our lives as well.
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I guess the biggest difference I have made is through my job, as I teach. I have had a few students that I have been fortunate enough to make an impact on their lives
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Steph!!!! That was SO kind!!! I was getting ready to shut the computer off and go to bed, and your post was the last one I read...and now I feel so good, that I KNOW I will sleep well tonight!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

PS>>>>>>>>> YOU make a big difference in MY life also!!! All of my friends here do!
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and you've made a difference to us here at TCS!!!

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I would like to think that the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE I have made in peoples' lives is that I have, occasionally, "made Them Laugh" :laughing2:

Laughter is something I TREASURE highly. Laughter can "calm the savage beast" and "unite mortal enemies". One of the nicest things a dear friend of mine once said; "No matter what kind of a day I have been having; I know I can always phone up Darlene, and she will make me laugh!"

_/V_V_V_V_V_ %< (AP,with shotgun/,blue,me,cleo,andDeb25 all on my "Bed" Mr.Cat fell off,he had too much SPAM)
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