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Getting to know each other.....part 3

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Just so if anyone new pops in here, let me explain again what this thread is about....

You answer the last question posted, then ask a new question... about anything (nothing perverted...lol)

Okay... let's start off with....

Q: What food have you never tried, that you would like to try? (in keeping with the food mood we seem to have going here... )
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Answer: Olives, Fish, & Spam! - just kidding! :laughing2

Question: What are you reading right now?
And, what would you recommend me to read by Dean Koontz?!

I am reading Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg again, thanks to hissy
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Originally posted by blue

Question: What are you reading right now?
And, what would you recommend me to read by Dean Koontz?!
I'm reading a book called Prospero's Children by Jan Siegel. It's a fantasy-type novel much like the His Dark Materials trilogy (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife) by Philip Pullman.

I've only read two by Dean Koontz: The Door to December and Fear Nothing. I can recommend both.

Now for my question: What TV show(s) can you absolutely not miss every week (or day if it's a soap)?

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Answer: i absolutely can't miss Ally McBeal - for 3 years now! and Survivor,
and i love my A&E: Investigative Reports & American Justice, but no Soaps for me - anymore

(i'll leave this question open for others to answer)

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Oh Oh Oh!!!! I am so glad you asked this!!!
I can live without any of my favorite shows, if I had to, except my soap!!!

I have watched it for 20 years now....since I was almost 16...

AS THE WORLD TURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tape it every day and watch it when I get home from work!

I would LOVE to know if there are any "world turns" fans out there, besides myself!!!!!!!!

I will also leave this question open for the next person, as it seems like such a good one!!!!
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I've never watched too much TV really except for the news. But now that my classes are drawing to close and I'm approaching graduation I've taken to a few.

Ally McBeal is a good one...although I can't ever remember what night it is on..

Survivor I was glued to after I saw the episode when Alicia got booted...

But my FAVE is ED. I think Tom Cavanagh is so adorable, and If I were single, I'd go for him.

What else?? What else do you all watch??
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Originally posted by vlinder

What else?? What else do you all watch??
I watch 7th Heaven every Monday night. And Malcolm in the Middle on Sundays. Sometimes I watch soaps, but I don't have to watch every day nor do I get upset if I miss a day or 2 (or 3 or 4...). I watch Days of Our Lives and Passions (that one is really campy and fun to watch!)

OK so I answered my own question, I'll let someone else ask one.
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i forgot about X-Files!! (which i never miss!) and i also watch Malcolm In The Middle
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Every week I have to see: Third Watch, ER, Star Trek Voyager, and Dr. Phil on Oprah.
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OK I guess I shall ask a new question.

It's a weird one, but nevertheless:

What brand and type of shampoo are you currently using?

I am using whatever is in the bath stall right now. Sometimes it's Finesse for normal hair, other times it's Aussie "Real Volume". My sister and I both have thick semi-oily hair and we found that a volumizing shampoo cleans better.
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I use KMS I bought it from a salon when I got my hair permed, and so far so good. I use to buy stuff from the market but it always dries my really thin, fine hair out. This stuff isn't to expensive either... which is a big deal to me.

TV shows for me... Survivor, Ally... I too watch 7th Heaven when I am home, Felicity, oh vlinder I also love the show Ed. I think he is such a babe

Okay... now somebody else answer this question
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I dont watch TV much and not that I have my new computer I will be watching less!
I use Aussie shampoo and conditioner!
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Okay, I try not to miss ER, Third Watch, X-Files, and my favorite comedy Everybody Loves Raymond. Recently I have taken to CSI.

I use Herbal Essence
I use the Body Wash for a shampoo that way I only buy one thing for both shower gel and shampoo. (Those cute guys from the commercial haven't shown up yet.

I used to watch "Days" (like religiously for over 10 yrs.) but I got real upset when they started jacking with the ages of the children. One week Belle and Brady and Shawn D and Philip are under 6yrs. old and the next week boom they're teenagers and college kids! What gives, I mean even Stephano's multiple resurrections fit in better than that jump!!!! So I just quit watching and started surfin' the net.

New question: In what area are you most "Missunderstood"? Because I have been labeled (by friends and family alike) to be a comdienne; I am many times not taken seriously when something really moves me.
:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :jarswim:
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Ok well I am misunderstood in a bad way but deffinately not on purpose! I am small and I do not look my age but on top of this I am friendly to everyone! Unfortunatly some people take it in the wrong way! This is a horrible pic! I had my hair braided because we were going swimming and I wanted to keep my hair out of my face!
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oh I forgot to say that I will be 30 in a little more then a month!
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Oooh I like the hair, Ash, really.

See I am misunderstood because people think I am so...straight. You know I dress pretty normally and all that. But my state of mind is a party animal and I like the punk/goth/industrial/rave scene.

But I like not having people fully understand me. It gives me more mystery.
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I am most misunderstood by my teenager...Geez, I will be glad when he is past the angst state (he is 15 and 1/2 now)

Question: Where is your favorite vaction/get away spot at???
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so far it would be New York City. Sounds crazy to a lot of people. But I love it there. I am from Oregon and New York is different than Portland's City.

Q.) What kind of car do you drive? Me: Acura, Integra!
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A: I drive a escort GT

Q: If you could just change ONE thing about your life....what would that be????
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I just went back and read the last page, and saw your pic...


And so what you are almost 30.... LOL I am almost 36.....

Beauty just gets better with age!!!!!!!! ( doesn't it?)
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I do not feel or look my age! I look about 19 in person and I think it is wonderful! My sis hates me for it! (literally) She is younger and has always been bigger and looked older! I am not complaining! I love being carded!
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Ash, my sister is 17 and when my mom's friend whove heard about us first meet us they think I am the younger one!

You really do look much younder than 30! Especially with the funky, fun hairdo. Do you ever wear it like that out? I would like to do funky stuff with my hair but my arms get too tired!
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I like it in much smaller braids! I have had very short hair for 9 years now but I have been letting it grow for 2 months now! It grows fast but I am inpatient! I do different thing with it so I wont just cut it off again!
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Trying to get this one going again:

Debby posted: If you could change just one thing about your life, what would it be?

I can't answer that one right now.
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it would be that I lived in Indiana near my family instead of so far away. I would move my job there.

this is a great question so-

same question
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if i could change one thing about my life (right now) it would be that
i was making money, enough to support myself & my family.

i have been living in a state of poverty, which, well... sucks !!
i am alright, my cats are alright, but, we dont live on much, and
my parents are also not doing so well, they are incredibly in-debt -
and unhappy - due to financial strains.

financial stress is one thing i would like to alleviate, for myself,
and my family.

(hopefully, if i ever publish my book it will do well *crossfingers*)

i'll leave the same question open.
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Right this very second, I would own a water heater that worked. Talk about a shallow person! Seriously, I would have a special somebody to share my life with.
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I'm a newcomer here, but you got my attention right from the start with Dean Koontz! I've read what I thought to be ALL his books, then 2 weeks ago I was at Goodwill and stumbled across one I had never seen...it's called Strange Highways and is a compilation of 12 or 13 short stories, perfect for those of us with short attention spans, or many distractions in their routines. This book has something for everyone, and I enjoyed almost every story...I think you will too!
New question???
Hmmmm...o.k. If you could listen to only ONE c.d., album, tape, 8 track *G* (insert age telling title here) for a month...what would it be?
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Originally posted by Cleo
If you could listen to only ONE c.d., album, tape, 8 track *G* (insert age telling title here) for a month...what would it be?
Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral

I'll let someone else answer this also.
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