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Here's My New Great Grandaughter

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Here's Baby Brooke Michelle Nehi Shes so cute and she looks fat
I'll have more

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Oh she is beautiful! Congrats to parents and you.
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Oh Lois she's so BEAUTIFUL Look at those Chubby cheeks
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What a doll!!!!
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hi there baby Brooke
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Oh, she is precious and so alert!! Congrats to you and her parents! More pics please, when you get a chance!!
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She is adorable!! Congratulations!
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I actually think she looks like Alisha everyone else thinks she looks like Bryan, I need to see her in person I can't wait for more pictures he sent that one from his phone to my Grandsons phone who sent it to me in e-mail (whew) I'm so done Thanks All I'll have some better ones soon I HOPE
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O my, she is just soo precious Congrats, she is just too adorable
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Awww, she is so pretty! Congratulations!
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Lovely baby! And you're not TOO proud, eh? Love those eyes!
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Oh what a beautiful baby!!!! She's just precious!
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She's adorable!!! Congrats!
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Thanks everyone I can't wait to spoil her, I mean see her
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Congrats on becoming a great grandma! Thats always exciting
Brooke is beautiful! Love her name too Keep on posting her photos
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she's so precious!! I wanna pinch those chubby cheeks Lovely name too!
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What a cutie, Congrats.
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Isn't she sweet? When will you be able to see her in person?
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I will Jenny Yes they live about 350 miles from me probably sometime during the Holidays by then they should all be rested and settled I would have gone up there if it weren't for hubby's work hours kinda hard with so many Fur Babies here
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What a lovely little sweetheart! And a lovely name, too.
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Lois, she is just adorable I LOVE the name Brooke!
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Awwww Lois what a gorgeous little pumpkin she is
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YAY! Congrats! It's always nice to see a healthy baby! I bet you are just glowing!
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They were supposed to send me more pictures today Me Poor Great Grand Mom I may have to get after the the other half and bawl him out..I told him yesterday bud I can't even hold her but everyone else is, Maybe I wont be so nice tomorrow
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I don't see any pics! I wanna see!

never mind.... it is just my dumb computer..

She is adorable!
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