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Just played a joke on hubby!

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Someone told me tonight of a great joke to play on someone. But if you try it, it may make someone mad if they dont have a sense of humour.

First of all, what you do is take a photo of your screen (shift, print scr)
Then you open paint and paste there and then save it.

Next, you hide the icons by right clicking, go to 'arrange icons by' and uncheck 'show desktop icons'

Then you go to control panel and then go to desktop background and browse until you find the file (make sure you give it a name so you can find it easily) and use it as a desktop.

When the target goes to click on the icon, it wont open as it is part of the background. I tried it on my hubby and he thought the computer had frozen and the look on his face was classic!

It can easily be reversed by rechecking the show desktop icons and changing the background to the way it was. Its rather simple!
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I forgot to mention that - or if you take a picture of the taskbar, you can cut it in paint.

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unless your taskbar auto-hides, won't the real taskbar cover it anyway?
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TSK TSK! You three are so devious! I have a practical joke for you. If there is a toll road with booths, such as the PA Turnpike, you pay your toll and tell the attendent that you are also paying for your friend, who is in the car behind you. Make sure it's a car that got on as you did, at the last entrance! Don't go broke!
Stay just a bit ahead of that car while the occupants strain to see who paid their toll. Then allow them to pass you, and don't even look at them. They'll talk about it for months. (Needless to say, you don't speed or cause anyone any danger.)
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Ohhhh...I'm telling!!
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Kellye - "Evil, Evil, Dirty Rotten Evil!" Sounds like a good one for April Fool's day!

Jeanie - very cute!

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That is so funny!!! Can't do that to hubby though, he has never been on a computer in his life, and says they are "evil" :LOL:
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