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Broken Paw????

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I have a 3.5 lb siamese kitty named DaFoosah. On Saturday (yesterday) I noticed her limping and being gentle with her right paw. While stretching she doesn't extend her nails from the right paw, nor does she scratch her tree with the right paw (while going crazy with the left). I called my vet but they were closing within 10 minutes and the advice from the vet tech was just to watch her and see if it gets any better.
At this point, it's been a day and she's still playing and running around with the other two cats--but still limping and being gentle with her right paw.
My boyfriend and I have tried to look at her paw, it's not swollen or discolored...there might be a splinter in there...but we can't seem to get a clear view.
Has anyone ever brought a cat in for a broken foot or possible splinter? What are the signs or symptoms of either? There was very little blood when my boyfriend and I tried to look at her paw last night...but it was so looked to have clumped maybe a few hairs together and wouldn't have been noticeable --except we had her under a flashlight and were really peering at her paw. Oh, yeah, and it's on the TOP of her paw...not the bottom.
any help or words of wisdom?
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PS: also, I should mention I'm definitely taking her to the vet tomorrow...I just don't know what to expect
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I would think if it's broken, she wouldn't put any weight whatsoever on it. If you could hold her still enough to check her claws, she may have just got a nail hung on something and broke it down to the quick. That would be my first guess. Hope she's ok!!
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She may have stepped on something. Have you accidently broken any glass or had sharp objects around like a nail or a pin? She may have a fragment of something stuck in her paw.
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Do the other cats play rough? They might of accidently bitten her paw too hard.
Thats the only thing i can think of that hasn't already been mentioned.
Hope she feeles better!
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Thanks for the well wishes, tatersmom.

Also, Lunasmom--definitely the right thought about the broken glass--a glade candle fell and broke just before we noticed her limping...Here's why I didn't mention it before...
We heard a loud thud, ran into the bedroom, saw Dafoosah on top of the television (where she likes to hang out) and the candle broken on the floor. Our reason to rule out the glass in her paw was that she was far from the broken pieces. If it had fallen on her, she definitely would have meowed or made a noise. She was just laying on the TV when we ran in. But, anways, it has been a worry of ours because we noticed the limp after the candle incident. I have been using Google to search out "cat:broken paw" and read that if a cat's paw were broken, it would swell up to twice or even three times its original size--and happily enough, there's no swelling; just tender to the touch.

I'm sure everything is a possibility here, though. Whether it's broken glass, a sliver from the window that she has a bad habit of scratching, or just anything stuck in her paw--one thing is for sure. I can't wait to get her into the vet to set my mind and her paw at ease. Poor baby foosah!

Also, apples, thanks to you too for the well wishes
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FWIW, ability to bear weight on the foot doesn't always correspond to the severity of the injury.

Here's hoping it will be turn out to be minor.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post
FWIW, ability to bear weight on the foot doesn't always correspond to the severity of the injury.

Here's hoping it will be turn out to be minor.

Is it true that cats really don't show that they are hurt? I thought she would be meowing in pain if it were bad.
(We're going to the vet in a few hours...I'll try to update once we get home with the prognosis!)
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Nope, they really try to disguise it well.

When Whitey was sick with a URI last week, he really tried to pretend he wasn't up until the cold reached its full height (and he still tried to stay awake while playing).

It's whatever you can do to show dominance in the cat world
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I know this reply is long overdue--but I just wanted to mention that my Baby Foosah was checked out and it ended up being a puncture wound. Maybe Freshy bit her while playing. Anyways, we've been giving her an antibiotic and pain meds for the past few days and her little paw looks a lot better.
The reason for the long dely, I should mention, is that we had to take DaFoosah and Fresh in for their Spay/Neuter surgery on Friday and have been trying to keep them happy since then. As of today, they are doing really well. I should hurry up and post this, though, because they are getting a little rough with each other now!
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Its been awhile, but I'm worried. Oscar slept with us last night. We woke up this morning and his right foot is swollen. He just doesn't look very good. He is not putting any pressure on it. He is just moping around, laying on it. Is it possible to give him a baby aspirin? There is only 2 vets open today. On is the college Emgerency Vet services( kinda expensive). His normal vet is open on monday.

Any help is great
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I think you should call the e-vet and ask their suggestion. Please do not administer any human medicine without specific directions from a vet. Please don't wait til Monday to at least speak to a vet, and perhaps go in depending on what they say. Just think how you'd feel if it were something that could be treated easily in the first 24 hours, but caused long-term damage if care was delayed. And, yeah, why doesn't anything happen during normal office hours!

My e-vet has always been good in trying to triage over the phone - once I was told to do watchful waiting, the other time to bring my boy in immediately (urinary issue).

Good wishes for a quick recovery.
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i'm waiting on call back from the vet. Thanks for the help
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Please let us know what happened - and I know that trip to the ER vet hurts the pocket big time, from experience. Hoping that things can be resolved easiliy.
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I have been a friend to all the felines I have come across in my past forty years. And though I feel for you situation with kitty............... I am no vet tech...... And therefore can not give you such technical advice as " felines are resilient, and will bounce back." Only a true professional can add to the 95% wasted comments on what is truly a stressful situation for you and the puddy tat. Hope besides my rant...... That you get no more wasted advice.

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