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When should I do the follow up call?

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Beauty's URI is in full swing right now, despite being on anti-biotics since Wednesday (when she was just sneezing).

Both yesterday and today she's having coughing fits, barely eating (she can't tip her head forward without sneezing of coughing), and has barely slept the last 2 days (her inner eye lids are showing and her eyes are red).

Whitey was already into his illness when he before we got antibiotics and within 3 days he was acting and appearing to be a lot better.

I've listened to her lungs to see if she the cold is moving there, but so far they're clear. I'm just worried that she is getting worse, but at the same time I can't keep affording these vet bills for as long as both of us are unemployed.
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Please call your Vet in the morning to explain Beauty's worsening symptoms. She should be showing improvement by now after five days on her current antibiotic if she was going to respond to it. It's possible he will want to see her again, but at the very least, prescribe a stronger, or more selective antibiotic to kick these symptoms. Of course, with some of these illnesses, it's just like humans. If you take antibiotics, your cold will last 14 days, if you don't, it will last 2 weeks...

Please do call your Vet, I sure hope Beauty is feeling better soon. Poor baby, she must be so miserable!
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Yes, there's something getting passed around all of our cats.

I will call them in the morning. Patches is getting worse, hers was mild on Friday. Then last night Luna started to sneeze (though today I haven't heard too much sneezing).
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If it's viral, the antibiotics won't change the course of the illness. They will just prevent a secondary bacterial infection. The only way to be sure which you are dealing with is to do blood work. It's usually ust cheaper to throw antibiotics at them (my pet peeve) than do the blood work.
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Good! You answered another question that was going through my head (if this infection will take a second course).

I'm sure it is viral as when she does eat, it's very exaggerated, so I'm sure she has a sore throat.

I'm just being a worried meow-my. I don't like to see a cat reject food
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Just to update: I'm definitely taking her in this afternoon. For one B was pushing it (Beauty is his cat afterall) and two: she's making duck noises and making them frequently. B also listened to her lungs and said that he could really hear her (although I think its probably because she's having difficulty breathing, so she's breathing heavier).

This URI thing is getting out of hand...
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