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My Yogi Berra died today

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My youngest budgie, Yogi, died today. Came on all of a sudden. Yesterday morning, I called the vet's office. Our vet was not working that day (Sat) and there was no other avain vet available. The receptionist suggetested that I take Yogi to the 24-hour clinic but I did not because in my heart I knew that he was going to die. I just did not want to stress him out and just let him die with dignity and love. So, less than 24 hours later, he is in birdie heaven.

I am really freaking out because I consider myself a good person and a pet person. All my life pets have "flocked" to me. I walk into a house and the cat/dog/ bird would be right there. The fish in the tanks swim towards me, upstream. Because they can sense I love and respect them.

But this is the third pet I lost this year. First was Willie McCovey, a budgie that for some reason our 20 year-old daughter decided to take on a walk at night past an open door. I love our daughter but she was not on my good list for a few days and neither were her car priviledges.

Then our beloved cat Brownie (12 years) disappeared. I pretty much knew a coyote got him because 2 other neighborhood cats disappeared at the same time.

Now, Yogi! I am so upset!

This is way too much a rambling message.Thanks to all my fellow pet lovers for just being there.
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What a rough year for you. I'm so sorry.
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I'm sorry for your loss.

RIP Yogi Berra
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Oh, I am so very sorry to hear you lost your little Yogi Berra -- he was such a beautiful bird! I can see by his picture. I empathize so much, having lost FIVE beloved cats in the first two years of living in our beautiful desert home -- none of them was old, and it seemed so inexplicable and terribly unfair to me. Cancer, cardiomyopathy, infection, and CRF took them, so fast! But we do not know why they are taken and it is not at all a matter of being "bad". I truly believe they are so much more innocent and truly good than humans are, and that when the Supreme Being takes them back, they have eternal life, with no more suffering and no linear time to make them sad waiting for us while we continue our work here on earth. Know that all of your beloved ones know you love them, care for them, and do everything you can for them -- and then, try to rest secure in the knowledge that those who have gone on ahead are waiting for you! and that you will be reunited one fine day. I know I truly believe that, and am looking forward to it!
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Thank you so much! Sandy and Whitey are so sad. They are just sitting on top of one of the cages (they fly free) and not even chirpping. They are looking healthy, though!
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What beautiful birds! I always stare at the birds when we walk down to the pet store in our neighborhood. I am so sorry for the loss!
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Condolences on your sad losses. Those empty spaces in the home can seem so huge and when we count the memories, the time that we have our pets seems so very short. I agree with Tarasgirl, though, that our wonderful Creator, calls our pets home and they will all be there waiting for us on our final day. And pet lovers who have lived and passed on will take good care of them till we are all reunited, this time forever.
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Aww I'm so sorry for your loss of that pretty bird. RIP little one. Fly away safe and strong!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Yogi was adorable.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Yogi.
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