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Cat Quiz:What Personality is Your Good Match?

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I wrote a Select Smart Quiz about cat and people matching. This is the first time I've done one of these, but as long as I took it a step at a time, it wasn't that hard!


The title is: What Cat Personality Will Be a Good Match?

This quiz grew out of my own experience in rescue, finding new homes for adult cats. I was like a matchmaker, because I hated the thought of the poor cats losing their home a second time.

If you like it, let me know. Hey, even if you don't like it, you can let me know!
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This is what I got.

Know the Types: The Beta
Having a Beta cat is like having a Dr. Watson to your Sherlock Holmes. They are boon companions, best buddies, and always interested and admiring of your efforts on their behalf.

Beta cats see you as the way to get their environment the way they want it. So they are great talkers, or if not, big on the "Lassie Move" where they catch your attention and try to get you to follow them to the object of interest. They want to please you, so a few corrections is usually all it takes for them to leave things alone, but they have a lot of energy and playfulness, especially as kittens, so it's best to put Grandma's hand blown vase somewhere safe until they grow up.

Betas will come when called, sit on your lap when invited, and have been known to fetch. They are the cat type most likely to be praised as, "My cat is like a dog!" But of course, they are cats, and obedience still has the caveat of, "Is there a good reason for me to do this right now?" The Beta's favorite toys tend to be prey facsimiles, such as fuzzy mice and small stuffed animals, but they are also fond of any toy that scuttles, bounces, or otherwise acts like something worth stalking.

Betas love companionship, whether it be respectful dogs or properly coached children. They are the most likely cat to meet strangers, especially if the guests are sensible enough to admire them. If your business needs a "greeter cat," look for a Beta. This outgoing quality makes them especially easy to care for, because if the food dish is getting low or the litter box isn't being kept up, you will know about it right away. Always be swift to correct problems, and Betas will shower you with love and attention in return.

Encourage your Beta's communication skills by talking to them often, with a lot of dramatic body language. This will appeal to the ham in them, and even if they don't understand the words, they will pick up so much of your body language that their comprehension will be the next best thing. So always make a point of telling your Beta if you will be gone overnight, that the store was out of their favorite flavor, or that the cat pillow needs to be washed, but it will be right back. In multiple cat households, Betas will be your translator, able to convey requests and news to the other cats.

Betas are known as "Supervisors." They love watching you do things. They especially love watching you do things that concerns them, such as litter cleaning, planting kitty grass, or putting the windowsill shelf on the correct window. Betas are the best cat for newbies, because Betas love the chance to train you properly, and are forgiving when you mess up.

Some breeds known for their Beta qualities are the Tonkinese, Manx, Scottish Fold, Maine Coon, and Norwegian Forest Cat. The last two breeds are long haired, but "natural," so need less grooming than other long haired breeds. Which is so Beta of them. Betas tend to have muscular, rectangular bodies and a calm, inquisitive expression.

Any cat can be a Beta. In kittens, look for the thoughtful ones who pause a millisecond before they attack a new toy. They make eye contact easily, and are usually the first in a litter to show interest in people. In the shelter, they are often the ones who rub their faces on the cages or make polite noises to draw your attention. Ask the shelter folk for a friendly, playful cat, and soon you will have your own "Dr. Watson."
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I got 100% The Beta but 93% The Alpha.
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Then you probably got the "Bunch of Cats in your Future" warning too!
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Originally Posted by Werebear View Post
Then you probably got the "Bunch of Cats in your Future" warning too!
Yes, I do! I've already told my mom I'm going to be a crazy cat who DOESN'T declaw when I move out. (She just rolled her eyes at me - the nerve! )
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