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Dinah's BIRTHDAY!!!!

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Today marks one year of my girls little life. I am so glad she has made it. I was so worried when she was sick that she would not see another day. It means so much to me to have her at my side! Thank god for health and happiness. . . I will have to stop off on my way from work and get her something!

Just wanted to share this with everyone!

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Happy Birthday Dinah!
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AWWWW, happiest of first birthdays, little Dinah girl! And thanks to her Meowmy for rescuing and loving her and caring for her so well. May there be treats, toys, and lots of love coming Dinah's way today!
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Happy Birthday Dinah!!!
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Many happy returns, Dinah
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Happy Birthday Dinah!!!
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Happpppy Biiiiiirthday Dinah!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Happy 1st Birthday Dinah! Hope you have the purrfect birthday
Dinah has many happy years to go, look forward to saying happy 2nd birthday!
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