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They're Gone...

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My mom is a Home Health nurse(RN) who has been with her Patient for 3 years. 9 days ago her patients parakeet passed away due to a respiratory infection she had her for 11years
This is Taylor

Today her quaker Parrott Brandi passed away she was 13 years old. The vet said it was from the stress of her friend Taylors death
This is Brandi

Please send your to my Moms Patient she is devastated. Her patient had no children and was quadraplegic these were her babies and she is at a complete loss without them She needs all the and prayers she can get!
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they where such pretty birds.
i hope she feels better.
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awwww sending their way!
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Oh the poor woman The babies are safe and happy again until their reunited with their mum

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Oh, how sad Please send my condolences - it is hard to imagine that Heaven could have needed those birds more than that poor lady Maybe the animal shelters have a bird or two who have lost their owners?
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