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Is to much catnip harmful

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Hi first a brief history I rescued Hissy from a busy roadside after being injured in a RTA following some expensive veterinary treatment i leafleted the area but nobody claimed him, since then i have been feeding hissy in the shed at home (his preference) it has recently become necessary to ristrict his movements by erecting cat proof fencing (at huge expense) around the garden since doing this i been trying to make him more friendly and inviting him to stay in the house the only thing what makes him calm in the house is catnip when the effect wears off he is back to hissing and running at the windows which leads me to my question is too much catnip harmful? as he will roll around in it then lick it up, currently he is getting through three or four canisters a week. in a moment of despair i entered following picture the best i got in an ugly cat contest but he dont seem to be a winner there either
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No it is not harmful but it could lesson his desire for it.
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Welcome to TCS.

No wonder Hissy didn't win the ugly cat contest....
he is a handsome kitty.

You did a wonderful thing when you brought Hissy into your life.
Has he been neutered?

I am not an expert in these areas but I am sure that soon you will have more feedback about this from other members.
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...that's because, in case you are the last to know, Hissy is ADORABLE -- that, and, of course, because THERE ARE NO UGLY CATS.

Yeah, SOMEONE'S got to talk to the kid about the stuff. If you don't -- who will???

Seriously, no, I haven't heard of any harm ever being done by the Nip, but Hissy DOES have quite an amazing habit there. btw, my Kikko II has a habit for the stuff that's gotta be seen to be believed. It may even rival Hissy's. He loves the stuff -- he bites it, rubs it, rolls in it, eats it, gets covered in it, and goes glassy-eyed over it. Now, I ask you, could you, WOULD you deny a cat in this state ANYTHING???

Possibly a new, positive, complimentary name and a lot of love and patience will pay off sooner, rather than later. It's worth a try for such a GREAT cat!
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Thank you for your responses i am pleased that i am not doing him any permanent harm and that he wont need weaning off, its also good to get some advice for free thanks. Today has not been so good he has done another squirrel in and then spent all day trying to escape from the garden
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Hissy is a handsome boy!! Hes not ugly at all, hes a doll!
Hopefully everything with Hissy is going well
If you need anything else - just ask any of us!
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You can't "make" him be more friendly, but what you can do is read up on feral cats and see if using some of the taming and socializing tricks that are used with ferals will work with him.

Here's a good site with good info - it helped me to turn my former feral Ferris from scaredy-cat into a purring lap rug!
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try some feliway diffusers and some rescue remedy... that should calm cute little hissy down...
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I actually posted a tread about this same thing a while back. I was told they can't od on it! Good news huh. I'm glad I knew that a couple weeks ago when they tore open the catnip bag!!!!!!!!!
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