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I am a horrible furmom

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Tavia was hiding constantly and refused to eat and had not eaten since Tuesday. And for her sake I came back to my dad's for the time being I wanted to stay out but I didn't know what else to do for her and she is back to her normal self. But he is refusing to accept Salem and so now I am having to choose between my cats. I think she was afraid of my aunt's boyfriend. So until I can find my own place I will stay here but as soon as I can I am moving out and hopefully Tavia will accept it. My aunt's boyfriend creeped me out too I woke up on a couple of occasion to find him looking at me while I was asleep and he would brush it off as nothing. And so now my cats are being uprooted again. I know my dad isn't a physical danger to me but he is making salem stay outside. And he won't even discuss it. How he can be so kind to Tavia but so mean to Salem I just don't get it.
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Eww, I do not like the sound of your aunt's boyfriend. I think you're much better off at your dad's. I hope you can get your own place soon though.
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Is there a way to lock the door when you sleep? I definitely would!!! Be careful!!
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I went back to my dad's for the time being which means Salem is outside cause he won't even discuss bringing Salem in. So I really don't know what to do.
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Awww, girl, you have my empathy and I add my prayers and be-carefuls to the other posters'! I don't know why your dad would show favoritism that way, not knowing all the story -- but could Salem stay in a garage or other safe area with litterbox, food, water, and frequent visits? Undoubtedly you don't have a trusted, cat-loving friend Salem could stay with until you get your own place? I'd almost opt for your aunt's with a lock on your door, keeping both cats confined inside with you. But I know, you have to do what you feel is safest and best for you and you don't have a lot of choices there. Know we're all thinking the best thoughts for you and your Salem and Tavia, and do keep us up to date, please...
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