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To feed, or not to feed?...

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I am fostering a kitten for a shelter nearby adn they spcifically told me what dry and wet food to feed the kitten. They said to give the kitten a mix of Iams and Purina Kitten food(dry) and to give her 9Lives wet food twice a day.

I'm fine with feeding her the dry foods, but when I bought the wet food and read the can I about barfed.

The first ingredient is "meat by-products". Well, the general term for "meat" is "anything and everything that is in the animal family that once was living and now is dead", IMO. And "by-products" stands for "anything and everything that isn't normally eaten by humans", again, IMO.

Well, the kitten loves the food, so I think if I feed her something else she won't have any problems still eating the 9lives when she goes back to the shelter.

Do you guys think it would be better if I feed her the 9Lives or should I go with my gut and feed her better stuff?
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Of course it would be better feeding her the better food, but if she goes back to the shelter soon, she may not eat the 9 lives which is probably all the wet they feed ? But...if you are going to foster her until she's adopted, I'd say go for it!
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Unfortunately, I'm just fostering her until she is ready to be spayed. I just feel so guilty feeding her that nasty stuff. Do you think it would be all that bad if I just didn't feed her any at all?

It's really gross. When she's done eating it there are little chunks of bone left on the plate(ew!).

Although...hubby REALLY likes this kitten. We already have 2 cats(and a 3rd that I took in and have been trying to find a home for for over a month!). It's up to hubby, but we might very well put an adoptiion form in for her. Hubby once wantd a long-haired black kitty that was up for adoption at Petsmart, but we didn't have the money to adopt her. This kitten I'm fostering is also a long-haired black kitty and hubby is fighting over whether or not we should put an application for her. He really likes her. She's the only cat that doesn't run from him, lol(he had a knack for scaring the cats when they were younger and to this day they still are scared of him :P ).
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Well, that's a lot of "if's" that no one knows the outcome of. Premium, human-grade, filler-and-byproduct-free food is of course the better choice for the KITTEN's wellbeing; but if you know you are returning her to the shelter it may be ill-advised to get her on good food and then have them return her to the other, which could cause diarrhea (which can be life-threatening especially to kittens).

Personally, I'd have a good heart-to-heart with hubby, and adopt BOTH the black longhair and the tortie kitten, feeding them premium foods. That is if you can afford to do so. If you can't afford to do so, is there any way you can increase your cash flow so that you can?

GOOD LUCK to the kittens and to you all. Keep us posted, please!
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There's no tortie kitten, I must have lost you in all my rambling, lol, I have a tendency to do that.

I really don't mind having another cat to take care of. They're not that expensive once you get all the "basics" out of the way(which, of course, would be covered by the shelter and would be paid for by the adoption fee: $100+). However, we live in a 1-bedroom apartment and already have 5 ferrets, 2 sugar gliders(they don't really count since they're so tiny, lol), and 2 cats(plus the 3rd cat I'm taking care of and the foster kitten= 4 cats).

Of course, considering the number of animals we already have, I don't think one more would make that much of a difference, haha.

I just need to get hubby to make up his mind so I can go ahead and switch her to better food if we ARE adopting her.
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