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New Member justme's kitty Sassy

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Can't get over how much Sassy looks like my Barty. Sheryl, your other photo would not post- I will keep trying.
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Thanx alot MA, I appreciate your time to do this for me,
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Sassy is sooooo beautiful!!!!
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Thanx, so is Snowball... together they kinda look like Ebony & Ivory...LOL, Sassy was tryin to sleep, but "the mom" always interupts the fun stuff! a gotta love em', don't ya?
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Sassy is a georgous cat I am very paritial to black cats.... Dunno why though.
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Sassy is a real doll. Does she live up to her name?
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Sassy is very beautiful! I love her coat!
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justme, actually we used to also own an all black cat named Midnight. She and Snowball were companions for 10 years and looked very stunning together. Unfortunately, Midnight went to the Rainbow Bridge (heaven for pets) a year and a half ago at age 14.
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Sassy looks like Scamp, a kitty that I used to have. He was a big, loveable lug.
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What a gorgeous cat!!
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Thanx Cindy & Jan, we just got a new baby today, well a 2 yr. old baby. We went to a shelter which was 115 miles away (we don't have any close ones here) He's alittle skiddish right now, so gotta give him time to adjust, but he'll come around, I usually end up with strays, jailcats, or "I don't wants", and they all seem to adjust just fine. Will try and get him on here soon.
Thanx again for your nice compliments,
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I'm really sorry to hear that Lori, I hate it when a love one dies. I don't know what I'd do, I'm sure i'd make it through it, but the hurt would always be there. May the 's watch over Midnight, always.
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Beautiful Cat
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Thanx I'm having a ball surfin through everyone elses cats...lol
They're all so beautiful.
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Sassy is just beautiful!!!!!
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She's gorgeous!! She reminds me of a little boy kitty who I adore (and who is screaming his little head off right now because I'm not supposed to be on the computer ).
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