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It pays to be a good sport

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It pays to be a good sport!

A few weeks ago I entered a 3D graphic contest. The prize was valued at $30.00 and it was something that I had been wanting because it would allow me to use skin textures meant for one female 3D model, on a completely different female 3D model. Which would save me gads of money because I have so much content for one model but hardly any of the other one.

There was no limit to the number of images you could enter so I entered 4 of them.

The idea was to make 2 different female 3D models look like they were related to one another.

Unfortunately not many people entered, only about 4 or 5 and a couple of us entered in 4 images. I think there were only 12 images to judge from.

I had tried to get more people to enter the contest, despite it being more competition, and I was posting in the contest thread helping people figure out how to achieve their goal and even explained how I went about achieving my results.

The winner was someone who entered one image but she does 3D graphics for a living and digital painted most of their picture, whereas the rest of us didn't.

Anyway, I was happy that she won because it was truely a beautiful image that she created, but at the same time I felt that her profession gave her too much of an edge over everyone else (who were all amateurs) and as soon as I saw her entry I knew that was the one they were going to pick because it "stood out" as being different. I kept that too myself though

Anyway, when they announced the winner I wasn't surprised it was her image. I congratulated her for a job well done.

Today I got an email from the person who sponsored the contest. Here is what he said to me and he included a download link to the prize:

You were such a good sport in my contest that I've decided to give this to you anyway. Please use it in good stead,
I didn't officially win the contest, but I did get the prize anyway! I'm thrilled.

He also liked my results so much that he asked if I could provide with with the values that I used to achieve them so that he could use them, hehe
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Way to go!!!
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Hey, that's swell you got your prize - what goes around, comes around, eh?
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That's wonderful! Good for both you and the contest sponser!
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There are some nice people out there
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Thanks! It wasn't much but it sure made my day
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That's great! Yes, there are rare occasions where it does pay to be nice.
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That is so wonderful!! Congratulations!
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That's wonderful! Being nice is usually its own reward, but isn't it great when somebody else notices?
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That's great strike one for good karma...
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That was really great and it showed how much it stood out that you did the right thing and you got redemption for a job well done! Good for you!
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