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My friend wants to abandon her kitten help!

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I am really sorry if this is in the wrong place guiys,move it if yoiu have to!I jsut didnt know where to put it
well my friend had found a stray kitten on her ranch,and both of our families were with her.Her family decided to keep it and try it.It was 3 weeks old then.

Now their family is figting over the cat, so they are going to abandon it back on the racnh.I told her that Icould take it to the rescue for her adn give it a cnace to live but she said no(but to me that means "I dont know" so I will keep trying)lol

so now I dont know what to do,please post your opinions here or in the poll.

I really need help here as I cant see the poor kitten being left on the ranch..
here are the facts so you can decide better

*the kitten is aobut 2 montsh old
*the ranch has sray cats adn at least one dog,bull and cows...
* Its pretty big, good long long long walk
*I think the kitten is still having some eye problems not sure
* If I wuld foster it myself my 5 month old zack allrady is done with his shots but this cat is not obvioulsly
*the cat is female we think aand zack is male but are they too oung to breede?she is 2 montsh zack is 5-6 months
I need to know soon!becaues i have to act fast if I am going to convince her

thanks in adcance guys

let her abandon it
foster it myself
take it to a rescue(45mins away..)
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I vote for foster it yourself.
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Identify yourself with the shelter 45 mins away, but tell them that you're willing to foster the cat. You can also post on Craigslist instead as well.
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Update:Thanks to your opinions and to my parent's,I am not going to let her abandon it.

I am not going to foster it as I realized:"Annie this is as stray cat,not a vaccinated cat,but a cat that could be full of fleas and parasites and have aids!" And there is no cure for cat aids( Ithink thats what you call it in spanish its SIDA) SO I will not take the cahnce of fostering it.

My parents are going to call hers and hopefully convince them that I cdan just take ti to the rescue instead(I hope the rescue will take it though :-X :'() and give the kitten a better life., and that once the kitten is up to date helthwise I can foster it

so hopefully it wil all work out
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If your cat is vaccinated, you could foster the cat yourself. Fleas are easily treated with Frontline Plus; ditto for deworming. I like Lunasmom's suggestion that you identify yourself with the rescue and then foster the cat yourself - they may be able to help with expenses that way, unless, of course, they already have a foster home or better yet, a permanent home for the kitten. She'd have to be spayed anyway. By the way, Zack should definitely get neutered soon before he begins to mark territory by spraying urine
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