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Chasing Snowflakes

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We're getting our first snow of the year, and Ginger is enthralled with it through the window.

"What is that???"

"Can I catch it? Can I eat it?"

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How cute. Mine don't really notice the flakes though Lucy wasn't happy with the thunder that came this morning with the start of the storm.
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OMG!!! Snow?!?!?!?!

Ginger thinks you asked for it to snow just for her.
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Mine were watching the snow last night too.
It especially amuses the younger ones.
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That's it....Kenz & I are on our way to your house!
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I'm so jealeous- will you send some my way!?

Great pictures, Bayley loves to chase the snowflakes too
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I can't believe you have snow! It's still 90F here!
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Wow! Snow already!! It looks like Ginger's enjoying it
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That is so sweet...the wide eyed wonder of a cat
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That's too funny! Scarlett goes after falling leaves the same way.

My dear friend who lives out your way has a polydactyl cat who loves frolicking in the snow. She lets her boys out in their fenced back yard under supervision. Elwood not only leaps at the falling flakes, but he tries to make snowballs and flings them at the other cats. I really think he takes advantage of the fact that he has an oposable thumb.
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Oh my goodness how cute! I don't think I've ever seen a cat do that!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post

I'm so jealeous- will you send some my way!?
I'll be seeing my first snow this year! It better be good!
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How precious! We don't get snow usually so I am sure my cats would be very curious too.
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heeh i loved it when heyu did that the first year.
then eazy last year. hmm i am thinking i need to get a new kitten just so i have one that does that again hehe
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What a cutie patootie!! Ginger is one looong, tall kitty!
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Don't be too jealous about the snow. It was done by noon and pretty much gone by around 2:00.

Ginger was just fascinated by it through the window. She did that about 4 times and thankfully we had the camera ready the last time. Funny thing is that this isn't the first time she's seen snow. She saw plenty of it last year!
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Awwww she's so cute!!!! Our girls will probably never see snow
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Oh I love that first pic
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