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Hey, I thought I'd throw this out for anyone considering the possibility of feeding a raw diet but does not want to do the work. I've made raw food before using a feline instincts supplement and a food processor and it was a lot of work. I eventually stopped doing it. Only one cat was eating it and I hated constantly washing my hands while handling raw meat worrying about getting myself sick.

Guess what? You don't have to do any work. Let the kitty chefs do it for you and ship it to your door. It's probably the best "commercial" cat food I've ever seen and their recipe is almost an exact replicate of Lisa Pierson's raw recipe, the famous vet from Their meat is tested to be negative of salmonella in case anyone is worried about that.

And I love the feline pride's website. They've got transitioning tips for finicky cats who will only eat Fancy Feast for their wet food. And they've got catnip toys for your cat as well.

It seems like too good to be true but they've got great testimonials. The only disadvantage is it's expensive, you have to pay high shipping fees. But I don't smoke cigarrettes. Do you? That makes it affordable. I think even if it's fed in combination with a canned food diet it's a vast improvement.

I've noticed that my cats have more energy now on just a mostly canned food diet. I've reduced their dry food to 1/4 of a cup or less for both cats to share. And this morning after sleeping in late until 9 am (they usually get fed at 6 am) I put out wet food and then decided not to put out any dry food and my cats ate the wet food with gusto and are not acting hungry for dry. I'm afraid I'll be wasting dry food since small bags last forever now.