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Some advise needed please.

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Well we have had Minnie for over a week now, and whilst obviously Amber and Milo were a bit sceptical about the whole arrangement to start with they have all settled down. Well at least thats what we thought.
Amber has over the past couple of days started to hiss! and screech at Minnie. I suppose she could just be having a couple of off days. Or is it more likely she is stamping down her authority a bit now? Amber is not being left out in any way because we treat them all the same as far as kissing cuddles and treats are concerned.
Minnie and Milo are just fine together, Milo is a fruit cake anyway and they just spend their time running around like Elephants, and chasing bugs, and trying to eat anything that looks edible The wife was not pleased this morning at 3am when Minnie jumped from the window ledge to the bed, bounced in the air and promptly landed on her head
So maybe it will take time for Amber and Minnie to adjust to each other or maybe they will be at each others throat all the time.
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Well, if it helps at all...

We've had Ginger for a year now. Ophelia still growls and hisses at her. There's never been any bloodshed, just a few bits of flying fur months ago. Otherwise everyone pretty well gets along.

One week is definitely not enough time for them to work everything out. My guess is that Amber is telling Minnie that she is Alpha and that's that.
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Sounds like they're still working things out. Ophelia hates other kitties, so it takes months for her to adjust. Actually, she's been living with PJ & Punky for about 3-4 months now & still hisses at them.
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Luna is an antisocial cat. The other 3 will play together, with very little problems. Luna, however needs to have her own separate play time and becomes "concerned" when other cats are in view.

With the second floor things have become much more managable...basically less cats to worry about on each floor
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Sounds pretty normal, just like my house.
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LOL Thanks all, Yeh I know its early days yet, but I just did not want things to get that bad that we would have to think about taking Minnie back for her own safety. Although she is little as she was premature she is tough.
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Over the years, I've come to some conclusions about which cats will get along and which won't, and the biggest thing seems to be: Do they share an outlook?

Passive, quiet cuddle bears find rowdy cats actively obnoxious. There's so much disruption! If they get in trouble, will I get in trouble? And when the rowdy cat gets attention or laughter for their antics, the quiet cat seems to resent it, because they know they can't be like that.

Rowdy cats find quiet cats offensive. There they are, sitting on someone's lap and getting love and attention. They never seem to do anything! Is that what the people like? And they resent it because they know they can't be like that.

One would think that each cat could have their own niche and everyone would be happy, but it often doesn't work that way.

One thing I tried that helped was to wait for Rowdy Cat to be quiet, and fetch Quiet Cat, and see if they could be quiet together. Likewise, if it's playtime, try to draw the Quiet Cat out and get them lively, so Rowdy Cat gets the idea they aren't so different after all.

It's more difficult if they just can't stand the sight of each other, but it sounds like that hasn't happened, but maybe doing these little exercises will help get them acclimated.
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Thats an informative reply werebear thanks.
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Females tend to be more territorial and take longer to accept new cats/kittens - especially if the new one is also a female. Is everyone spayed and neutered?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Females tend to be more territorial and take longer to accept new cats/kittens - especially if the new one is also a female. Is everyone spayed and neutered?

I did notice this about our house. Enzo accepted Stuart right away, but Leya was SOOOO territorial! She would hiss all day long regardless if Stuart was around or not. He was such a good boy though because he would just lay down and let her hit him a few times and wait for her to walk away.
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