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Foster update

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Have spent part of the afternoon ringing round people who have adopted cats from me (am on a mission!!), and have some lovely updates, and as some of you will remember the cats, I thought I would share.

Will do them in order of them being with me. None of you will know him, he was my last CP foster cat, and one they didnt think had a chance of a home life, he was so scared when I went to take his pic he weed himself (although he never had an accident in my house, just on the way). He was a large black and white male. I had him for 5 months, and he was better, but still not handleable, but he is now a relatively 'normal' cat and while his owner is in the room, he will accept fusses from people, and sat on her daughters knee. I am going up mid-end November, and would love to be able to stroke him, I will always have a soft spot for him. Here is a pic of him

and one in his new home, taken the other Christmas

Then there was Chi, he was the last foster of last year, arrived on the 23rd December, we were told he was a 7/8 mo female, the vet estimated him at 2, and also a male, rather than a female!! Sadly, they had bad news for me, he was hit by a car in March (they adopted him at the beginning of Jan, he was the second adoption of the year). RIP little one, at least you were taken off the streets, and given lots of love.

Finn and Mimi are doing well, Finn has just had cat flu, but over it now.

Shabba and Kizzy are also doing well, not very interested in fusses, Kizzy will only allow her head and tail to be touched!! Getting fussy eaters, and both have put weight on, which is good. Still fascinated by the hamsters, Kizzy has had about 3 bites from him now, but hte hamster is very clever and keeps winding them up!! They aren't bothered about going out, which is good at this time of year.

Pilchard - not officially one of my fosters, she was rehomed via our rehoming page, but nearly had to come into our care as they had a lot of issues with her, and she didn't seem happy there. They are going to e-mail me some pics this week.

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It's great to hear that they've settled in at their new homes. What a difference in the tuxie!
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It is, I still have everyone else to ring, but decided that 5 calls and a voicemail was enough for one day, so it will take me days to get through everyone, as well as the follow ups I need to do for the rescue, but hearing them doing well is wonderful, Chi is the first foster I have been told is no longer here, which is sad, I was nearly in tears on the phone to her.
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Rest in peace Chi

It`s great to hear how they are all doing even if I don`t know them Your doing an amazing job
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Thanks, it is just wonderful for me to know that some of these cats wouldnt have done as well if it werent' for me. I still have another 14 people to contact, and I should really say how my two are doing, as they are ex fosters!!

Molly - well, I took her on nearly 2 years ago as we didnt think she had long left, and 22 months later, she is perfectly happy and healthy, her pic is on another thread in here. She is currently very spoilt and fast asleep on the bed.

Tiger - she has been here 14 months now, she has some health issues, but I am happy for whatever time we have, she is very happy and content, was playing outside with me earlier, and is a lot better with humans than when her original owner decided he no longer wanted her after 13 years. Her pic is also on another thread (contentment)
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Great to hear they're all doing well and RIP Chi

I agree, what a difference in the tuxedo boy!! you can totally tell in his ear "posture"
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Yeah, I have had another update this evening, I helped a cat earlier this year who's owner was poorly and she couldnt' go into a cattery due to not having her boosters, so as she originally adopted from us, we stepped in, she was here for 5 weeks, and 6 months later, her owner is still well, and they are still happy together, although Sally has decided to start sleeping in the bath, and goes out a bit more now than she ever used to. So, another happy ending, and one that she may not have had. Here's her pic

Yeah, there was such a big difference in Samson (who was Sonny Jim when here), I can't wait to go and see him again.
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So glad you were able to hear how each has settled into their new homes so well.
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What beautiful babies. You are such a wonderful person for helping all these special babies, bless you for caring and I enjoyed reading all the happy endings and seeing their pictures.
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Thanks guys, it is lovely to hear when they are doing well in new homes, I am going to continue ringing round this week.
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And please keep on keeping us up to date, it's so wonderful to read about these lucky kitties & your great work with them...even Chi did have happiness and love in his life before he passed. I don't know these kitties but I do know one thing - they are lucky they got in the loop with you and found their happy homes!
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Thanks, I shall be happy to keep you up to date. I love hearing of them doing so well, and knowing that I had a hand in it, it makes you feel good about the work you do.

Good and sad updates last night.

I rang Casey's owner, she was a pure black female at my work, who was friendly (although in the car journey, I did debate that after being scratched an awful lot, and drawing blood through 2 layers of clothes!!), I was actually supposed to be having a break due to home improvemnt works, but the weather turned really cold, and couldnt leave her there, so the cage came into use!! She found a home after a month, and she is doing really well, very happy and content, loves her son (she sleeps with him every night), and is such a part of hte family there is no chance she will ever come back into a rescue - the kind of happy ending I like.

Then I rang about Chloe, who wasn't technically a foster, but spent a couple of days here. Her owner took her to my vet to be pts, cos they had had enough of her (can't fully remember the 'excuse' they gave, but it was connected with their kids I Think), my vets obviously couldn't do it, and rang me. I was full at the time, so put a plea out on CC, and fortunately, someone offered to take her on, she had a couple of days with me till she could be collected. Sadly, she passed away a couple of months ago, but it wasn't as hard to hear about her as it was Chi, as her owner said she was 14 last Feb, so it was old age that caught up with her, an I am proud that thanks to me and Pippa, she went at her natural time, rather than 18 months sooner, and she had so much love for that 18 months. RIP little one
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More updates - Abbie, my first foster homed through CAT77 is doing well, they have had her for 2 and a half years now, we estimated her at 2, but her vet says as young as 1, which is really sad as she came in with 7 week old babies, and I think she was with us a month before being rehomed. Very bossy, spoilt cat, and they dont think she will tolerate others, shame, as she got on so well with Kaz here. She was a gorgeous black and white, am sure I have a pic of her.

Then I spoke to the woman who had Lucy, she was going to ring me next week, as Lucy is up for her first weigh in!! She is doing really well though, gets on really well with her kids, and goes out a bit (so didn't read our contract that states to keep them in for 6 weeks, she has only been there 4, and I got the impression they let her out after 2 weeks!! Luckily she sticks to the garden.). She wont use the cat flap though, she knocks on the back door instead!!

And little NEcia (now named Lily) is doing well, gets on well with the ladies other cat, and is nice and spoilt - and will now sit on her knee, so am really glad to hear that.

Just a few people left to speak to now, one I dont think I am going to be able to get an update for, as the mobile number I had for them seems to be out of use now, which is a shame.
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Spoke to 2 people this week, the first was a phone call from Lucy's mum last night, she is losing weight, only small amounts, but the vet is happy with what she has lost, and she said visitors have even noticed she has lost some weight, which is good. She took my e-mail address, and will send me pics soon, and keep me posted after each weigh in. She thinks she is getting a bit more active now she is lighter, and she loves to sit with them in an evening, which is good.

I also spoke to Lily's (Necia while she was here) mum, she was spayed last month as she was showing signs of being in heat (she was 8 weeks old when she came here in September), she was the dark grey tabby, and has got darker, which I suspected. She is pretty much black on top, but still grey underneath, and she is going to send pictures soon.
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