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Scully Fan Club Alert

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Seen as I was reminded that you haven't had enough recent photos of him... Scully

Also looking at the bird

What do you mean 'I can't have the birdie either?'

I will do my really sad look!

Nope, the fake da bird thing isn't good enough

Yep definitely want the real bird

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He is just so handsome there all beauties
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Awww, I love his 'sad face'

Tell Scully that if he comes to live with me, I'll let him have the bird
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Scully, your so handsome! He looks like a top model
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Eithne, he really is a gorgeous kitty!
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Scully is gorgeous!! he was really trying to convince you to give him the bird, wasn't he?
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Scully Handsome boy, such expressive eyes!
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That's a beautiful cat. Look at those looooong whiskers! He's a doll.
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Oh tooooo funny and tooooo cute! His expressions are priceless!
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Beautiful!!! Love the sad look....
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Scully is gorgeous! You take such great photos of him
Love his fluffy face & the expressions on his face
Can't wait to see more photos of his handsome face!
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What a sweetie !
I'd probably let him have the bird too
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Wow, he is just sooooo gorgeous. Great photos!
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I absolutely adore his big white whiskers
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Look at those gorgeous green eyes I will give the the bird, too...... Im going to come get him this weekend, have his things packed
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Wow! Sign me up.
I am now a Scully Fan.
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