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Kismet -- being put to sleep today

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I first of all want to thank everyone for their help and support through this. I have had to make the heartwrenching decision of putting kismet to sleep tonight. The last couple days she has progressively gotten worse, even as I've been exploring all my stomach tube etc. options. Last night she threw up 5 times, mostly just bile, so I can't force any more food down her throat. She is dehydrated in spite of all the fluids I've been pushing, her breathing is laboured and she cries everytime I touch her. I had a long talk with the vet and I have 2 options. Sending her to Guelph (an hour away) to have an emergency stomach tube put in, or putting her to sleep. It is unlikely she would survive the trip, let alone being put under in this state, and when I look in her eyes I see no fight left. i don't want her to die like that, she is laying out on the balcony in the sun right now and I want that to be her last memory.

For anyone who doesn't think I did all I could, this is untrue, there are 100 what-if's of course. But that doesn't change what I've done. This is the hardest thing I have ever ever had to do. I wish I could just sweat off pets forever, but I know in my hear that I can't. I know in life whatever brings you joy, ultimately brings you sorrow, and I don't want to live a joyless life.

She has been such a wonderful kitty, I've never been with an animal through this and it scares me, but I know i"ll find the strength when I need to. And I still have my wonderful siamese boy Cello, and I'm going to continue to do everything I can for him.
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My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. You and Kismet shall be in my prayers.
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It does sound like it's time. It's OK, you and your kitty will be there for each other as she makes the transition.
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Bless your heart I'm so very sorry.
From what you've described it sounds very much like the time has come.
I know from first hand experiance that making that decision is never an easy one and there's no doubt that you did everything that you could for her.
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Sending you hugs to help you through this difficult time. Sometimes the options are worse to keep them alive and it is obvious you have only Kismet's needs in mind. Bless you both.
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I'm so sorry. My thoughts will be with you both today.
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I will be thinking of you both today. I know it is exquisitely hard but I truly believe it is a last loving thing we can do for them.
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I am so sorry for you but it sounds the right thing to do. Be sure to be there for Cello - he will probably need support too.
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You are doing the most loving thing you can do for her now.
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I am so sorry , it is a very hard thing to go through,
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I'm very sorry you're going through this, and wish Kismet an easy transition.
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I know how difficult this decision must be for you, but you know Kismet best...and she is telling you it's time to let go.
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Please see new thread --> one more chance...........had an angel come help me.
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