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This site is SOOOO great, I don't see how anyone could dislike any part of it. When you first check into the newbie section, EVERYONE makes you feel right at home. Which ever forum to go to, and ask a question, or just make a statement, someone always responds. I haven't been here that long(less than 24 hrs.) but I think yall' are runnin this place true to "forum"... I LOVE IT HERE, I may never go home again...lol Keep up the great work!
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I'm glad to hear your like it around here!! Feel free at any time to post any questions, suggestions or ideas. We are always open for that! Welcome!
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Yay hay!!!

Another Cat Site addict!!!!

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Thanx guys,
Just got back from gettin baby #3, Last one...I swear! Took us 6 hours to get there and back, but well worth the snow, and listenin to hubby, b#@*h, and moan that he couldn't believe he was doing all this for "a cat". He's a beautiful boy, and as soon as he gets acustomed to the new surroundings, I'll share him with everyone.
Thanx again for the welcome... and you're right Yola, I am addicted, already! Shirley
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