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Whats for Christmas?

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I cant believe christmas is already around the corner, as Trav and I went shopping yesterday to get new jumpers (its gotten soooo cold already here) I noticed that they already have a load of christmas stuff out on sale. I already realised this when I returned from Australia 3 weeks ago, but now its just getting worse in department stores.

So my Parents have decided to come here for Christmas as they didnt get the chance to last year, but i am very skeptic of it. They will meet Trav for the first time and i'm actually nervous!

Have you all started buying gifts for christmas?

So far i have bought boxes of chocolate that were on sale and a jigsaw puzzle for my mother as she is very into them.
I'm not quite sure what to get my dad just yet, and Trav will be the worst Problem, if he sees presents he cant wait till xmas! except I know where i can hide them, in the basement and he doesnt have a key to get in there!! :evil: mwahaha

So what are all of your plans?? and What will you be doing?
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well, I think I'll be having my parents down and my sister and her son over. My parents will stay with DH and I and my sister will stay in a hotel. Last year was horrible so this year can't go much worse.

I've purchased presents all ready. I got my mom and dad pentago and trigon board games. A Sinatra box set for my FIL, perfume and a meat thermometer for my MIL, bookmarks from an artist on Etsy for all those people who are friends, but not close friends or family. Oh, and an ice cube tray that makes shot glasses for my BIL.
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I've done all my shopping

We'll do the same thing as every year, go up to dads in the morning for xmas presents, lunch at mums with her side of the family then back up to dads for my little 1/2 sisters birthday presents/cake etc.
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Not going to be a huge Christmas, we'll be moving 4 weeks after so no real time to enjoy it, also we won't have alot of money left once stamp duty, conveyancing, removalists and estate agents are paid

I also don't even have a wish list this year. I've pretty much run out of ideas for what i want (apart from money from everyone so i can purchase my new phone) i think my SS gift will be the most exciting.
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Bite your tongue! Its not even Halloween or Thanksgiving. I don't even think about Christmas till December 1st!

When the stores are pushing Christmas in September its time to fight back
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I use to have the majority of my shopping done before Black Friday (then I could just enjoy the sales all for myself Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha).

However since B and I started dating and buying for his family together, the date of my christmas shopping doesn't begin until Black Friday...and we don't go until all the bonus sales are over with
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Geeze.....I'm still in the 'ideas' stage of Christmas shopping. I also like to have everything pretty much done by Black Friday. I will pick up stocking stuffers right up to the bitter end though! Usually my father is the hardest to buy for, but this year I already have several good ideas. I haven't a clue for my mother or my sister. That's pretty much the extent of my big gift buying....then I need little things for my Secret Santa at work and for a couple of aunts. I have most of my Secret Santa done for here. Just waiting for a trip to Lansing to get a few more select things.....Maybe Wednesday I can go on my day off.
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My boyfriend and his sisters and their significant others all do something that's like a secret santa, but its not so secret. We draw names, and then buy little stocking things, but it has a theme. This years theme is a scavenger hunt. We have things like, something can use on a deserted island, something furry, something liquid, etc etc - up to 10 things. That's the only thing I have started buying for. The rest, I have ideas for, but that's it.
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I have some ideas but no, I haven't actually purchased anything. If by some miracle I do get around to purchasing any gifts before Thanksgiving, it would be some kind of record for me as I have NEVER bought Christmas gifts this early. I tend to be a last minute shopper. You know those people you see out on Christmas Eve scrambling to get those last minute gifts? Well that me.

This year though I'm going to try and have it all done by Dec.15th.
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I don't think about shopping until after Thanksgiving. Anyway I don't have any money for it. All my money has been going straight to medical bills. One year I spent so much money figuring out the perfect expensive gifts for Michael's family. Not one of them appreciated them. I bought his grandmother and step mom beautiful gold necklaces. I got lots of opinions first too. Everyone I asked loved them! Never seen them wear them once!! So I don't bother buying them great gifts anymore. I just buy them cheap stuff because they didn't appreciate it!
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