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Is Singa too fat?

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Just came back from the vet and she said Singa needs to loose weight. She is 5.25 kg and needs to go down to 4.5 kg at least.

Soleil on the other hand is 2.68 kg and skinny.

How can I put Singa on a diet without influencing Soleil?

Currently I am feeding half a can NB mixed with half a can of Tiki Cat Mackerel/Sardines in the morning and in the evening again - sometimes I give them equalent amount in Royal Canine kitten or Indoor formula if I don't have enough time to prepare the wet.

Any advice?
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Don't free feed - start with a specific amount of food for each. But the skinnier one can have an extra meal. Feed him/her alone in another room (the extra meal) so the fatter one can't eat it.

Maybe for awhile put them in separate rooms so you can see who is eating what and how much
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I chose to free feed because Singa always used to gobble down her food if she didnt eat in several small portions throughout the day and she would immediately throw up after each meal

can't she just go to the gym?
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You can still kinda free feed but don't keep having food in the bowl - put a portion out and wait 6-8 hrs before putting more out. You CAN get her to excercise more with interactive toys, laser lights, etc. But if you really want them to lose weight you have to limit their foods.

If you feel she needs to have several small meals, then do this: If she currently eats about a cup of food a day (for example) then cut it back to 2/3 cup a day and divide that up into smaller meals to give.
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Since I'm out for work all day it won't be possible for me to give her small meals throuhout the day. I guess I will make the morning and evening portions smaller and just give Soleil some extra when I cone home from work...

Any ideas on the food I'm feeding?? I used to give them a lot of Tuna. After I found out that it's not healthy, I switched and Singa already looked a lot slimmer afterwards... Should I just leave away the Tiki Cat? I put it in so that they eat the NB - smells better for them...
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