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Most unusual color or color pattern you've seen?

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Just been thinking about this after seeing so many beautiful cats on this site. But what has been the most unusual color or unusual color pattern you have ever seen on a cat? post pics please.
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A male patched tabby/torbie!!
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My cousin has a cat that looks like this one. It's some sort of mix between siamese and a tabby of sorts. I wish I had a picture because it is such a pretty cat and I've never seen one quite like it before. It had more white on it's body and it's stripes even had a bit of orange or peach on the cats legs and face.
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There is a little cat in my neighborhood who is all black on his body, but has white paws on each leg. It looks like he dipped each leg into some white paint or something. I've never seen him when a camera has been handy, but I'd sure like to make friends with him! If I ever get a pic, I'll sure post it!
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Oh wait, I changed my mind! Molly's quite unique!
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The thread title had me momentarily thinking "...well, there was the last time I bonked my head" saw some weird colored stars from that one.

Cats though, cream and flame point cats. When we first moved in here there was a trailer full of animals. Literally full too, cats and dogs. Supposedly the guy living over in the house was 'keeping' them over there. I caught a few of the kittens, tamed them and rehomed them. One year(ish) old male was semi feral so I neutered and kept him about, sweet cat too.

He had very light blue eyes and it was bright out, so that's why they're closed.
His father cat wouldn't come anywhere near me, or even into our yard. He had darker points.
There were also lynx and a couple seal points.

Of cats I've just seen pictures of, I'd have to say the black and grey fox looking kitten that someone posted a picture of asking what it would look like when older, was the oddest.
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No pics, and not an unusual in itself, but unusal for a stray of dubious ancestry, but one of my feral babies, many moons ago was a dark chocolate classic tabby with very clear, striking black stripes.
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When I worked at a local shalter I saw the most beautiful kitten come in. She was a long haired cat who was this color brown that I had, and still haved seen again. It was close to the color of a milk chocolate bar. She also had a white chest and white little mittens. She was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. (And the sweetest little baby too) She was adopted by a police officer and his family. Its a good thing too, or I may have ended up with another cat....
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I had a cat like white cat lover posted, except my kitty had a big black love heart on its side, when i get a scanner ill have to show you!
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Not really a pattern or markings as such, but the Ojos Azules - a very rare breed with a dominant blue-eyed gene, resulting in cats with a coat in any colour and stunning deep blue eyes (as well as a flattened tail-tip). Unfortunately it proved to be a lethal gene with deformed stillborn kittens, so a breeding programme was halted in its early stages.

More specifically to do with coat markings, I love my Radar's swirled facial markings, much rarer than the usual 'mask' you see in bicolour cats, and very pretty (and his ginormous ears just add to the overall unusual look!!!!)

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The female kitten I fostered a few weeks ago is the most unusual one I have had this year (more so cos mum is pure black!!), although have had some unusual markings on tabbies.

Can't think of any others off hand.
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I would say its any of the "chocolate" colors - like a chocolate bicolor or calico. Second unusual color is the peachy color of the Australian Mist cats. Third is an odd-eye bicolor or calico.

Now I know you all might hit me for saying this but I actually saw an "ugly" cat. This was many years ago and I really felt sorry for her. I've seen and like bluecream cats - most are marked pretty. But this bluecream cat was blue with speckles of cream mixed in the coat - made her look like she had some kind of disease. IMO was not pretty at all.

Enzo, what you have is a lynx point Siamese cat. In CFA they are considered Colorpoints rather then another point color/pattern on a Siamese
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Pixie was very unusual. She is one of Ziggy's kittens.

She's a patched tabby/torbie, but with a twist.

Legs - Orange and Black Mackeral Tabby

Back - Tortoiseshell

Tail - Black Mackeral Tabby

Side of body - Spotted Silver Tabby!!!

Face - One side Orange tabby, one side silver tabby with a white mark up the middle, plus one black ringed eye and one cream ringed eye.
She was one gorgeous kitten.
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There was the most gorgeous, sweetest little kitten at a pet store a few weeks ago. She came in with her sister, who was a beautiful tortie. Her brothers were grey tabby and orange tabby. Anyway, the kitten I'm talking about was all blue grey and she had four creamy orange paws (dilute tortie, I think). I would have taken her home, but well .... she was so beautiful. I don't have a pic of her, but seriously --

These babies were from a rescue organization and they had a huge cage and everything .... They were all so sweet, very healthy, and they all found homes.
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The most unusual one I have seen lately is one of our shelter cats, she is a black DMH but her winter coat is growing in on her back and is a deep muted red, which doesn't show well in the photo with the ugly yellow lights but:

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When I worked at the shelter I saw a couple ticked tabbies. I think they are just stunningly beautiful.

I also saw a beautiful silver and black cat. I can't find a photo but I think the color is called "smoke" and it was a long haired cat.
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That would be Topaz who has been declared to be a Mink and Cream tortie and white.
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The most unusual color I have seen in the domestic population was a chocolate male. The most unusual pattern was a ticked brown tabby. I have yet to see either of those in the domestic population again.
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All of those sound so wonderful! I am the kind of person that likes the "different " ones. What made me come to think of this, was a post by someone who was talking about "fever coat" on kittens. Not knowing what that meant, I went online to see what "fever coat" meant and this kitten popped up. Although, it's a "fever coat" and will possibly change, I thought it was wonderful just the way it was.
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I always thought he was a unique cat. It's Enzo's dad. He's a spotted tabby I guess you would call him. He's an aweful cat though, he murders kittens which is why we took Enzo from the farm.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Oh wait, I changed my mind! Molly's quite unique!
How cute!!!!
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Oh, my goodness. She is great! (who is it...groucho, harpo marx? (sp?)).
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A black Siamese cat. It must have been Melanistic. (darker than usual)
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Caspar is sort-of a color-point, with odd blotches and more non-white than a color-point typically has - he started out almost pure white, like a Siamese. Every recessive in the book! When I get my PC back, I'll post a picture of him, he's tres odd.
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Seen in person - at the animal shelter, a very, very slightly looking persian (not easy to tell) smoke - blue smoke? colored guy. He had white under his fur and a dark dark grey over it.
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Has anyone ever seen a BROWN (not black), orange and white calico?
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Originally Posted by hollow View Post
Has anyone ever seen a BROWN (not black), orange and white calico?
Yes. She was a chocolate calico....after 6 weeks no one had adopted her!
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oh man I wish I could post a picture, but we sold this big guy a couple of weeks ago from the shelter. He was a huge ginger tom, with white socks and bib, but he had a champagne heart shaped patch on one shoulder.

There was also a lovely tri girl, and one one side, she had an almost perfect circle; one exact half of it was black, the other red. A straight division....... beautiful. Unfortunately, she tested positive for FiV.
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Can I include our past kitty Rollie? Blue and white DSH with a perfect blue handlebar mustache. So we named him for the baseball player Rollie Fingers who sported such a mustache.
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I love that really pale ginger cat look..I have only seen a few of them but they are gorgeous!
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