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lost tooth concern

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I just noticed that my 5 year old cat is missing her lower right kanine tooth. It doesn't look recent since the area does not look irriated in any way. I don't think she's old enough to be losing her teeth yet. I feel terrible that I only just noticed, she is eating normally, she loves her wet food better then her dry but that's always been the case. Can anyone tell me anything about this. Is this normal? What could this mean & it this something that I should be concerned with?

Sophies Mom
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I would bring it up at her next vet visit, but I don't think I'd worry much.
Our 7 year old had a tooth almost out last year (same tooth actually).
Vet thinks he may have run into something solid while playing as she said his teeth looked great when she had him under to finish removing the snaggled canine.
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I don't really know. I've had dogs break the tip off their canines from chewing on a large, hard bone. Maybe she did something similar.
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I wouldn't worry, but as mentioned above, I'd ask the vet on the next visit.
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On closer inspection, turns out she is also missing lower front teeth between canines. She is too old to be losing baby teeth and too young to be losing adult teeth. She also had her teeth cleaned at the vet about 7 months ago. I have to assume that she had all of them then.

I've just never heard of something like this!!
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I would consult with the vet. The canines are very firmly roots, so it may have broken off on the surface with the root still attached--this can give bacteria an entrance into the bloodstream.
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yikes! let us know what the vet says...
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