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Flea Control

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Does anyone know anything about Bio Spot? I was told it can cause seizers, and or death in animals. my vet uses Advantage for any new kitty I bring into my home, but I was wondering if Bio spot is any good?
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Justine, I am moving this to Health and Nutrition for you.
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I had a REALLY bad experience with Bio Spot. I almost lost my cat after I put it on her. The few bucks it saved wasn't worth it. I only use products sold by vets now.
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Thanx Sandy, I've heard nothing but bad feedback about Bio spot. Do you have to have a prescription to buy Frontline, or Advantage from a pet supply store?
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Most vets will ask that you be one of thier clients to buy it, but you can get it online now, and PetCo carry's it. I would do a search on the internet for Advantage or Frontline Online. Then you can shop for the lowest price.
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Thanx for all your help Sandy, I'll search now and check them both out.
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Some of the larger Wal-Marts have Advantage and Frontline in the pharmacy. You have to ask for it. I do not care for Frontline, it is apparently not the best choice for cats with skin that tends to be dry. A vet once explained why to me, but I couldn't repeat it to save my life. I have had great luck with Advantage.
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Thanx, I'll give ours a call!
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That reminds me, I know about how Hartz is supposed to take some of their flea control meds etc off the market cos of what happened - my local walmart still sells them - are they allowed to keep on selling them?

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Advantage & Frontline aren't put out by Hartz... ARE THEY???
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Nope they ain't, thank goodness.
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Oh. thanx....I thought I missed something in the conversation. Sorry, as you can tell, I was leaning towards Bio spot, that is until I talked to all of you ( And I'm REALLY Glad I did!), But now it's either gonna be Advantage or Frontline for my babies. Since I've asked the question of Bio Spot, I've read nothing but horror stories about the stuff. I'm glad I found this site, before making a choise on my own!
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Just personal experience with Frontline and Advantage....I prefer Advantage for fleas, but if your cats may come into contact with Ticks, the Frontline is the best route.
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No, I don't think I have to worry bout ticks, my cats don't go outside, it's just my daughter brings her cats over sometimes, and they do. So, I'm just looking for the best way to keep my cats from all the hassles the dreaded flea brings. Thanks Sandie
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About the Hartz Products, they just last month pulled them off the shelves at the WalMart here.
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