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Need suggestions

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but a friend was just diagnosed with an allergy to cats. She LOVES cats and is devastated. She is taking allergy medicine (for the past 3 days). She has a 14 year old kitty and not having her is NOT an option. Any suggestions for her so she can continue to open her home to our furry friends? Thanks!
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You can find some suggestions in this article.
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just my opinion, but Zyrtec is a miracle drug I'm allergic, not badly, but I have 15 cats, so in my case it works great!
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DH is allergic and the bigget help, is cleaning. We don't let the girls sleep in our room and we have some air purifiers too. I've also been using the Febreeze allergen reducer spray when his dad comes, and that seems to help a bit for him.
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I know someone who just gets a wet wash cloth (not soaking wet) and wipes their kitties down once a week with it. It helps them.
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Thanks for the good ideas! I will pass them along.
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Have your friend wipe down the cat daily with some DISTILLED drinking water. Make sure its distilled water - not the regular filtered water. I've heard good results with this from people allergic to cats.
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Your friend must remember that it takes a little while before allergy medicine begins to work has to build up in your system. I'm very allergic to cats, and take a Clariton clear everyday.
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I've read all the posts here and as to best of my knowledge there is no other solution than taking a medication for that... pretty sure that's the best thing to help him with that...


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I've heard Febreeze with Allergen Reducer helps alot.

Also she should try the Zyrtec. We have a friend that is allergic to cats and she still owns 2. She takes Zyrtec on a daily basis and that will allow her to tolerate the allergens.
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