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Funny dog stories in honor of Lady

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We had our dog, Lady put to sleep yesterday, which was hard and sad, but the best thing for her. She was 16. My family is very upset, but we have been sharing wonderful and funny Lady stories. Lady was an extremely intelligent dog, and was quite a character, so we have a ton.

I thought it might be fun (and it might cheer me up a bit) if others also shared their favorite stories about their own doggies.

Until she mellowed in her later years (like mid 12 to 13) she hated the mailperson. This wasn't the stereotypical "dog hates mailman" relationship; Lady hated these poor people with a passion. When she heard the mail coming into the maibox (both were those between ones that were cubby holes that went through the wall) she would fling herself at the little door in the wall snarling and clawing and howling like there was no tomorrow! Then she would run around to the window and bark until he or she left. Lady was a Beagle mix, and had that Beagle howl, and oh, did it carry!

Once, when she was about 10 or 11 we had friends over and we were sitting on the couch with our legs on the coffee table, which was probably 2 1/2-3 ft. in length. Lady was laying down by us on the couch. The mail began to come in, and Lady, of course, noticed and saw that her pathway was blocked by out legs. She leaped up and cleared our legs and the coffee table and began attacking the little door like a hound of hell! Our friends were duly amazed!

When she was 12, my father moved out, and she eventually went with him because she liked being with him the best. One day my mom was outside when the maillady came, and the maillady asked about the "dog who always tried to kill her" since no one tried to attack her through the wall anymore. My mom explained, and the maillady actually felt a little sad that she wasn't there anymore and missed her!

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I'm sorry for your loss.

I married my husband to get Maudie, his Old English Sheepdog. She was amazing.
Before we married, she lived with my future in-laws. My future s-i-l had a St Bernard that also lived there while she was in college.

Maudie, 60 lbs wet, used to control Casey, 150 lbs, by grabbing her ear and pulling her around. For fun, they emptied the toolshed of all of its contents by pulling them out the dog door. Rakes, shovels, bags of fertizer, it all went though the dog door.
Maude loved water. My in-laws kept her outside year round. In the summer, Maudie's white beard would turn green and slimey. And she loved to cuddle after getting a drink.
When my husband had to work on the rigs, he would be gone for days at a time. Maudie became my protector, a velcro dog, and would alert me to any unusual sounds. If my husband came home during the night, she would let him in the bedroom until I told it was okay - hard to do with the loud barking.
So many stories to tell about my girl. She died from kidney failure in 1981 at a very young 10 years of age. I still miss her everyday.
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