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Super Bowl

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Well, none of my teams made it even close to the Super Bowl this year, but I'm wondering how many are going to watch it? The playoffs have had some really good games, as well as some blowouts. Of course, whether or not you like football, the Super Bowl is always good for commercials.

Any predictions on who's going to win the game? Who's going to have the best commercial? Love it? Hate it? ANYTHING!!!

BTW, Vegas has the Raiders on a 3 point spread.
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I plan on watching it, but I'll miss the beginning. I am lucky enough that I have tickets that day for the 42nd street musical matinee on broadway in Boston. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.

Anyway, I'm rooting for Tampa not a big Raiders fan!
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But, I think they are gonna win!

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I am soooooo not into football that I'm really surprised that I can even spell it right!

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I believe that my boys in pewter want this win bad enough that the Buccaneers will prevail. Nobody thought they would beat Philly either. Down here, Tampa Bay is currently off the chain with excitement. Count me in on that. There's talk that the schools will be closed Monday if they win. I can hardly wait for the game!


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Just one question: Who's on first?
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I'll watch, but I don't really care about the outcome. My Steelers were knocked out a few weeks ago, and the Eagles didn't seem to be concentrating on last weeks game. My s/o was bummed about that game. We've been invited to a few parties, but I'd be just as happy staying home.

The halftime show will be interesting. I'd be content to watch Sting for a few hours.
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I just watch for the commercials, and as a reason to make some of my favorite snack foods! Could care less about the actual game. It's usually the first and last football game I watch each season!

BUT. . . since I live in San Francisco it is a bit more exciting. I guess, and only because of my location, I hope the Raiders win.
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I'll watch the pre-show and the half time show and do house work during the rest. I can't wait to see the Pepsi commercial with the Osmonds and the Osbournes. It should be hilarious. Unfortunately, we won't get all of the cool commercials that you will get in the States.
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I'm going to a friend's to watch the game. I could care less who wins, but I love watching the commercials. The rest of the time I'll probably be talking.
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For the record, being a Broncos fan I have to root against the Raiders in every game. This one especially. Unfortunately, I do think they will win, and I really hope that I'm wrong. Usually, Earl is on his computer while I'm watching the Game, and I call him in for the commercials. So much for being a football widow, huh? LOL

I do look forward to the commercials every year, the Budweiser ones are always great. What ever happened to the Bud Bowl anyway? LOL I think we are going to make homemade pizza for the game (because we can't afford to make lasagna that we usually do for the game).
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Mike's a huge Buccaneers fan, being from Florida himself, so we're going out to one of his friends to watch the super bowl. I'll bring my knitting, thank you, but I'm rooting for the Bucs, just because it'd make Mike SOOOOO happy if they won.
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Is it the final this Sunday?

I used to share a house with 6 men, and I guess any sport on TV was an opportunity to gather round it and drink beer. So we used to stay up late and watch it - I never ever lasted until the end. And I couldn't believe the amount of adverts!

Reminds me of a truism Julian told me the other day about the differences between men and women. If a man walks into a room and a sporting event is on TV they will always ask "What's the score?" - but a woman will always ask "Who is playing?".
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I think the Raiders will win it,BUT it should be Pittsburgh playing!Or Philly!Oh well, maybe next year.Ya I will watch it,love the commercial's! Where;s Bud?
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Should be Philly?!?!? Guess you didn't watch last week's game. The Bucs are in the big house. The rest of you can predict Raiders all day long, but I have faith in my team.

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Ok I have to take back my statement that since I live near Oakland I want the Raiders to win, but you have to remember I don't know the first thing about football or any of the teams! But. . . after watching the news yesterday and today (and will be the same the rest of the weekend I'm sure), I want Tampa to win!!!! The coverage here does not shed a favorable light on Raider's fans. AFter everything I've been hearing I'm all for the Bucs winning! Not to mention that either way it looks like there will be all out chaos in Oakland.
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I really have to agree. Tampa is nuts with enthusiasm, to be sure, but it is all positive and uplifting. I have also watched a decent amount of coverage where many Oakland players are doing a lot of trash talking, especially Frank Middleton, a former Buccaneer. Tsk tsk.
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I have to say, some of those Raiders fans are freaks! Did you hear that the SuperBowl Commission has actually BANNED costumes from the stands so those people can't wear the stuff they usually do in the "Black Hole". Also, The Raiders organization was already fined $50,000 for 13 players not showing up at scheduled and mandatory press conferences. Many Raiders who did show up left early. The Raiders have always played dirty on the field, but all the cr@p they and their fans are pulling off the field is getting as bad as their penalties. I'm really hoping that all the penalties they will get during the game is what causes them to lose it. They were 2nd highest in the NFL for penalty yards assessed.
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Philly fans are no better. Last week, Tampa fans who went to Philly were encouraged NOT to wear Buccaneer gear in the stands. One gesture fans like to do is pour urine on the opposing team's fans. That is just plain disgusting. Then there is all the business about throwing batteries at people. One of the reporters on local sports radio here said that when he reviewed the game film of Ronde Barber's touchdown, somebody chucked a battery at him from the stands.
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Philly fans are really bad, that's why they put a jail/court inside the stadium. There were too many disorderly people I guess. They also boo their own teams when they don't do well.

The Raiders do have the distinction of being the only team where someone was killed in the stands, from what I heard. I hope they don't win, they have always had the reputation of being the bad boys of football.
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The South Stands at the Broncos games used to be almost as bad, although the worst I remember them doing was throwing snowballs/iceballs at the Cleveland Browns and that was after their fans threw batteries and "dog biscuits" at our team. At the very least, there were always fights between drunks in the stands. They figured out a good way to end that...if you are ejected or removed from and game, your season tickets are immediately revoked. No discussion. If you sell your tickets to some jerk who gets ejected, your season tickets are revoked. Since 95% of the tickets at Mile High are season tickets, this took care of most of the troublemakers.
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