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WELL My family got bigger

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I rescued a chocolate pt netherland dwarf bunny at Petco... he is sweet and already neutered.... Vet checked this afternoon and seems healthy...
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Congrats!! Does he have a name yet?
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Way to go! Now ya know everybody's gonna want pics!
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no name ... he tonight is in a dog/cat kennel ... vet said that was fine and his mom s actually has her bunnies that way
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Congrats! Bunnies are great!!
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Is name is Barney and MOM wants him gone ... I have a few leads but I am growing attached... soonest he could be placed is about 10 days
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Well the best lead is gone ... son and mom want but dad said no ...

2 nd lead is a former rabbit rescue that will foster and adopt out ..

3rd is not a suitable home IMHO as she hadnt yet figured out what to do with one bunnie and hubby didnt know about her desire for a second...

4th ... BEG AND PLEAD.... to keep Barney and figure out how to keep him NEAT and tidy one messy boy ... he is not my ideal pet but he is coming around ...
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If you do adopt him out- please make sure you require a home inspection first (make sure they understand that the rabbit needs to be indoors- it is much safer for them than leaving them outside in a hutch- make sure they're prepared to clean up the mess! They toss poo around to "mark" their environment -if someone doesn't understand why they're messy- they may not want to keep the bunny!) Definitely require a vet reference (from an experienced vet that specializes in rabbits- ask how many they treat a month, how many they've operated on (they require special sedatives/etc and doses have to be monitored closely,) Make sure whoever adopts knows exactly what they're in for. In the past 3 months we've spent over $1000 on my blue holland lop, Sophie for tons and tons of medical things. (she lives with my mom- my mom kept her when i moved out, because she was soo attached to her- but i've been covering all her vet bills). She has nightmare allergies, dental problems (yes, her teeth checked out fine when i adopteed her but now they're aweful and she's having to be sedated frequently to have them aligned. Her teeth troublesome is also causing some excessive drooling which is making her hair fall out on her chest area. The list goes on....she's not doing well. Rabbits can be very pricy and sometimes it's hard to find a good vet that specializes in them so that would be my biggest suggestion- make sure whoever adopts understands how costly they can be and is prepared to handle that if any situations should ever arise. Some rabbits require frequent filing of their teeth for their entire lives...that can get costly. Also make sure whoever adopts them understands the nutritional needs of a rabbit (i'm sure you'll already do that though! You're AWESOME with stuff like that)They are wonderful animals- soooo loving and fun to be around. I hope whoever adopts him enjoys many wonderful years with him!

Good luck trying to find a wonderful home for that sweet bunny!
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I take it that you are still living at home. What, then, possessed you to acquire a pet if you hadn't cleared it with your parents first?
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
I take it that you are still living at home. What, then, possessed you to acquire a pet if you hadn't cleared it with your parents first?
I am NOT A CHILD I TAKE care of my Mother ..

The bunny was supposed to be for my mother but I ended up caring for him...She did nt realize she was not ready for another pet ...

Barney is in a new home .. he is getting his own room

I will get two bunnies when I no longer have Mom to take care off( likely french lops or flemish) ... Mom is wanting another cat , but I WILL NOT allow that for a while since she wasnt able /willing to care for a bunny( which to me was easier thou MUCH messier
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