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mom and her little ones

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my cat klayre had 2 babies on 10-9-2007 and 1 more the next day, and she was only 11 months old. on the 11th she had complications. she could not pass the placenta, so we took her to the emergency vet over in blountville. they checked her out, spayed her and removed the placenta while she was still open. we took her back home and she layed with her kittens, but would not eat. her milk ended up drying up and i had to bottle feed the babies. pumpkin, the last one born, had passed first. mom ended up abandoning the other 2, so i had to do everything for them. spice was appearing to get weak and she died the next day. then i had to work extra hard with adum, he was getting weak also. i ended up getting him stronger and he was doing so good. a week went by and klayre still didn't eat anything. we gave her everything. from catfood to sardines. still, nothing. on the 17th, adum now had his eyes open and was doing wonderful, even made brown poopies. he was fiesty too. he would attack the nipple everytime before he ate. i fed him at 4pm and he still was doing good. i put him in his little box on his sock heater (sock was under a towel), which he absolutely loved and he fell over. i thought he was still wobbly so i said ahh, how cute and overlooked it. he started gasping for air and cream colored bubbles came out his nose. i got scared to death. i called the vet and she said to bring him in. i rushed to the vet. i heard if you get formula in the babies lungs, that they would die quickly from it. i was devastated. i thought i hurt my little adum. the vet examined him and listened to his lungs, took some kind of x-ray, and came in the room i was in an d told me the adum had fleabite anemia. she said he was weak from that and there was no formula in his lungs, he just got a little formula up his nose. she gave me iron drops and told me to give them to him once in the morning and again at night, and to feed him some formula again. i couldn't get him to use the bottle because he couldn't suck, while gasping. so i gave adum his formula with a dropper and dropped some on his tongue and he kinda licked and that was working pretty well. i continued with his feedings throughout the night. at 4am, i went to feed him again, but he was worse. he wouldn't eat at all. he just layed on his side crying between gasps. it hurt me so bad. i couldn't do anything for him. i moved adum from the center of his box and put him on top of his warm heat sock (sock's under towel). he layed there doing the same routine until 10am. then he passed. the sadest thing was he had his eyes open and his ears just opened when he passed away. he could see and hear me. his mom still was not eating and her her kidneys were beginning to fail. we could not afford the surgery, so we had to put her to sleep. we put little adum in the box with his warm, peaceful mommy, so they would be together once more. we lost the whole family, kittens and mom. pumpkin and spice (i can't remember the exact date, because i didn't see it happen). adum:10-18-2007 @ 10am and klayre (mom): 10-18-2007 @ 2:30pm oh god, i miss them so. i wish this was all just a bad dream and i wake up and klayre is in their box, full of milk, nursing and taking a break to eat. everyone healthy and happy. why can't i be dreaming. i love you, my babies.
here are my babies when they were al doing good. (video brightens up as i zoom in).
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I am sorry to hear about your babies
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My heart just aches for you. Your story was so awful. Please take care of yourself.

May they all play happily and healthy at the bridge.
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Such beautiful little kittens... I'm sorry about your loss.
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Rest in peace little family. I'm so,so sorry for your loss.
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Oh darlin' I'm soooo sorry to read this heartbreaking story about your beloved kittens. I know nothing will heal you but so many kittens are born to feral moms and pass without any human knowledge. I hope you have some peace and comfort knowing that you were able to give your babies love and warmth and they got to know that kind of love...even if only for a brief moment.

Blessings and hugs to you!!
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that is so heartbreaking..watching the video brought tears to my eyes..i'm so, so sorry for your loss of the little family...they are all happily residing at the rainbow bridge now.
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How sad.

RIP babies
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I am so sorry for your loss. You story was heartbreaking. Rest in peace little family.
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Klayre is with her little family over RB now, happily playing with her babies. How my heart aches at the though of you typing the sad tale, though
If it is any comfort, please realize that you saved Klayre from a horrific outcome had she not had the veterinary care that you obtained for her. As for the babies, the others are right - they at least got to know what is was like to belong to a real family, to know what is felt like to have a name and to be loved.
I hope that your empty arms and hands will soon find new kittens to care for - to fill that cat-sized hole in your life. Please keep us posted during these difficult days. You are in my thoughts, tonight. Susan
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I am so sorry. I can't imagine. Poor little babies
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I am sorry for your loss. I too know what it is like to lose babies soo young. It is heartbreaking no matter what age they are!


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