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Poor Angel!

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I feel like such a terrible meowmy. I was getting a roll of paper towels from the closet and I didn't notice that Angel scooted in it while it was open for only about 20 seconds. I closed her in the closet! She was in there for about 10 minutes before she started meowing. We still couldn't find her until my husband opened the closet. I feel so bad!

Has anyone else done something like this before?
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My (not very bright) Maggie will close herself in the bathroom if I leave the door open....she's been stuck in there for hours. I've also closed her out on the sunporch overnight before. It's gotten so bad that I finally put a litterbox and a bowl of water out in the sunporch to avoid accidents. I also try to keep the bathroom door closed if not in use, but sometimes I forget. She ALWAYS closes herself in there if I leave the door open....she never learns. Sometimes she'll do it a couple times in the same evening. Dumb as a post, but I love her to pieces....
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yes Lucky likes to sneak into small place, I have, almost closed her in the fridge, dishwasher, the closet and in my dresser drawers. I have never had a cat as determined, to get into everything as she is she is so fast I know that sooner or later it is going to happen.
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Chynna loves to sleep in the pots cupboard. She manages to get the door under the sink open and gets in there that way. It often gets closed when I'm in the kitchen doing dishes or cooking. Usually I remember to open it when I'm leaving the kitchen but not always. Abby has taken to inspecting the kitchen to make sure that cupboard door is open! Sure enough at times I've gone there to reopen the door because Abby is pawing it (she can't figure out how to open it), and there Chynna is, sleeping completely oblivious to having been "locked" in
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A couple have spent the night in the basement because I forgot to check. Lucy always closes the door on herself in the mud room. Funny thing is, she doesn't make a sound, but Much will go by the door and raise a racket.
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Damita spent 6 hours in the guest bedroom once. Of course, I felt awful...she was quite comfortable sleeping on the bed in there...expensive nice pillows & bedding!
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This doesn't exactly qualify, but it's close...I live in an apartment where all the cupboard doors close on magnet power alone. I did not realize that Sigourney had figured out how to open them...until one day I needed to get a new roll of TP out. I opened the door & jumped a yard straight up because there was Siggy, quite comfortable on her nest of two rolls of shredded TP.
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All of mine are famous for cupboards, basement, toilets (have to keep the lid down), the outside doors, dishwasher, oven (this one is precarious and we've been fortunate), refrigerators, the chest freezer.. the dryer.. closets, the guest room..

bad children
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Yes, I have accidentally closed one of my cats in the closet. Unfortunatly it ended up being hours before they started meowing. I felt SO bad! Thankfully they forgive me very easily. Don't feel bad, it was very long. She knows you love her.
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My RB baby Oreo loved our pantry. Every time I would open it she would slink inside.
Once she was in there for about an hour before I realized it
She came strolling out like nothing happened and got LOTS of treats and scritches
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Ginger is very sneaky and sometimes dashes out when you open the front door. One time she dashed out and no one saw her do it. We went to bed not realizing she got out. The next morning when I went to let the dog out, she came dashing back inside. I was just glad she was okay and it wasn't cold or rainy that night. You think that would have cured her from dashing outside, but she still does it.
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Scooter slipped out once when he was still fairly small, and I fell asleep on the couch before doing a head count. I went to feed them, but he didn't come running, so I knew something was wrong. I kept hearing a faint scream, but it sounded like it was inside the walls. He had gotten out and found shelter in the wellhouse attatched to the house. I found him with his little head sticking out, ears back, screaming hysterically. He looked like a little gargoyle.
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lol my RB cat would sneak in. Then she would jsut lay down and go to sleep.
so it could be a long time before you noticed she was missing. Then i would go though the house calling her. and listen for a meow...... gRRR

i swear she used to think it was a game to see where she could sneak into.
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Wait a minute, wait a minute...CatsAreBetter...toilet??
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Yes, the toilet. They love to stick their heads and paws in there and play. I also have one who likes to drink toilet water.. so I'm constantly double checking the lid to make sure it's down. We pretty much don't forget to put it down, but it's hard to train the guests to make sure they leave it down. Two of the little demons, I mean.. darlings.. are Bengals, so they're particularly water friendly. I'm preventing, also, the entire learning progression to dropping toys in there and then flushing, or just flushing because they like to watch the water. This is preemptive as well as careful, lol. They're bad!
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Oh yes, Trout loves all and any closets. I have to check for her before I leave the house always. She doesn't even meow..she just sits there patiently
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Honey, don't feel bad, it happens to everyone. I accidently locked Harley in our walk in closet last week. Hubby found him when he got home, and god bless him, he didn't make a mess but he made a bee-line for that litter box once he was let out. I've also had cats in the cabnets, the refrigerator, and once in the dryer. Luckily, I usually check before I actually turn it on, and I saw a little furry face glaring at me after I threw the wet clothes on him so he was spared that.

They get into anything and everything they possibly can. That is their job! I think it is written into the cat handbook somewhere. Just wish I find that stupid handbook!
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CatsAreBetter - ah! I get it! Okay! I was misled because the topic was kitties getting shut into may imagine the image I got
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