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How cold is it where you live? With the wind chill it is -5 right now later its going to be -20! Too darn cold!I want to go to AZ.
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Come to California..... it's suppost to be 80 degrees for the Super Bowl game in San Diego this weekend!
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Here I come!!!!!!!!!! I love the sun,super bowl,beach.It's snow I hate!
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Yuck!!!! I hate snow and cold weather!!!!!

I'm in Minnesota last night and today have been the coldest so far this winter. The temperature last night got down to 15 degrees below zero and the high for today was only zero. And our windchill today was between 15 and 35 degrees below zero!!!! They are advising people to keep their cats and dogs inside because of the dangerous conditions.

Starting tomorrow it's supposed to start gradually warming up again!!!! I can't wait, I don't like cold Artic air!!!!
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The snow's great... if you're a snow MAN. I'd take Fl. any day!
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Sherral, We have about the same temps here. I hate it!!! I really can't stand such extreme cold. Most of the students in the school where I work have to walk to school. I feel so bad for them, and I'm kind of surprised we haven't cancelled school so they wouldn't have to go out. Next week it's supposed to get back up to 40, it will feel like summer.
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Going below freezing tonight in central Florida. I just got home from my daughter's soccer game and was freezing my butt off. I don't know if it's the humidity, but cold feels colder down here than up north.

Did somebody say Super Bowl?

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Its 66, right now and we're looking for 72, tomorrow!!!
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Well, here in Minnesota we only expecting a high of 12 degrees above zero for tomorrow. Cindy, you're making me sooooo jealous!!!!

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