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Think the cats in my house are happy tonight!! Couldn't get pics of the two latest fosters, they didn't want to sit still for their pictures!! Do ignore any mess on the sofas, didnt' get chance to tidy them today, spent too long at the rescue!!

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How do you spell CONTENTMENT??? Looks like these regal felines sure know how! So wonderful to see 'em happy, safe, well-fed and content. Don't you wish EVERY cat was like that?
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Snug as a bug in a rug! Sure looks cozy.

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now those are some happy cats!!! That's Tiger in the middle right?? Who're the others?

I LOVE the color of your copuch too
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I wanna crawl up next to them & lay down!
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The top one is Molly, my oldest - she came to me nearly 2 years ago cos we didnt think she had long left and I wanted her to have a home environment - it did her the world of good, she is perfectly healthy, so was obviously just depressed. I doubt she would be here today if I hadn't taken her on.
The second is Tiger, her owner didnt want her after 13 years of owning her - she didn't like humans that much when seh came, but is getting better, and also getting better towards other cats. She does have some health issues, but at the moment she is happy, eating well and playing, so not worrying about them!!
The third is Bella, she has been here about 7 weeks now, she was found on the streets with her babies, a kind woman took her in, kept them until they were 8 weeks old, but then struggled to find homes, so asked for help. While she doesn't know how to play, she is getting used to a home environment now, adn will make someone a lovely pet.
Katie - the sofas are just dark blue, the patterns are knitted throwovers.
Tarasgirl - yes, I do wish all cats were as lucky, but I know that thanks to me, a decent amount have been lucky.
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They do look cozy and happy
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They should do, the spoilt little brats they are!! STill got 2 more cats to photograph as well.
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Here's Zia's pic, not the best, cos she stands up every time I approach her, but she must be grateful for a nice bed in front of a radiator, even if she does choose to stay in the bathroom when the door is open - at least she has a room of her own.

Rosie's pics dont really show her being content unfortunately,but here is one anyway!! So, that is all 5 cats in teh house at the moment.

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certainly looks like a happy house

yes, i need to get the doctors to patch me up asap, i'm missing out on so many lovely kitties

by the way, i have more hallowe'en toys for Molly
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And the latest one, looking content now he has a nice warm house, and a lap to sit on

I might have to come and see you at this rate Sar!! Going to PAH at Oldham on Sun if you are near there? Molly hasn't ruined last years toy yet, but am sure she would appreciate a new one!!
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Oh I missed this! You definitely should come and see us sometime though, it's been way too long!
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It certainly has, and would be lovely to see Annie again.
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